Why Do You Have To Take Statins At Night?

Many people often wonder the reason why doctors advise us to take statins at night. Today we learn the why we should take statins at night.

why take statin at night?

Millions of us have to take medications daily, including tonics, treatment medicines and preventive medicines. However, it is not the time to take the medicine with the same dose every day to have the same effect. The time for taking medicine is very important. It is because this will help you to achieve the highest therapeutic effect, protecting you from unwanted drug reactions.

Medications for patients with high cholesterol often achieve high effects when taken before bedtime at night. Researchers at the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom found that patients taking simvastatin or statin for the treatment of cholesterol therapy often achieve good results when these medications are taken in the evening or at night. Another study conducted in 2008, published in the International Journal of Clinical Practice, also said that medications for people with high cholesterol such as statin, atorvastatin, etc…would be better when taken at night compared to taking them in the morning because most cholesterol is produced at night when we do not eat anything. And it also helps patients reduce the risk of heart attack, blockage of blood vessels….

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