When You Should Not Eat Grapefruit

Eating a grapefruit every day can lower cholesterol and triglyceride for the cardiovascular system. Eating grapefruit can help your body absorb calcium and iron. This fruit is good for pregnant women because it contains lots of folic acid. In addition, grapefruit contains a flavanoid that reduces the risk of stroke, enhances blood function and acute inflammation.


However, according to nutrition experts, it will be a “deadly” mistake when eating grapefruit in the following cases:

Eat grapefruit when you are hungry

Grapefruit contains a huge amount of acid. If you eat it when you’re hungry, it will hurt your stomach, especially for people who are applying a type of weight loss with grapefruit. Many people after losing weight have to treat stomach pain or stomach ulcers …

Therefore, you should only eat grapefruit when you have eaten something. So, grapefruit will work to improve your digestion. At the same time, it will limit the increase in blood cholesterol.

Eat grapefruit after drinking alcohol, smoking

According to experts, drinking alcohol and smoking need a period of 48 hours to eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice. The reason is that the substance content of Pyranocoumarin in grapefruit will enhance the metabolism of intestinal yeast (cytochromes P450). This will increase the toxicity of drugs and alcohol, the toxins absorbed into the body faster than normal, especially nicotine and ethanol.

Eat grapefruit when having diarrhea, digestive disorders

According to Oriental medicine, grapefruit is cold, if you eat when they are suffering from diarrhea or poor digestion, they will make these diseases worse.

For people who have heat in their mouth or use grapefruit to cool down if used excessively, it also causes side effects such as abdominal pain.

Eat grapefruit when taking medicine

Health experts believe that people who are using drugs, especially the elderly and children … Allergy users who eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice at the same time will cause headaches, arrhythmias, even weak people can lead to sudden death without even knowing it.

In addition, ingredients should not be combined with grapefruit such as caffeine, calcium antagonist, Cisapride, Cyclosporine solution… If you eat grapefruit and drink grapefruit juice with the same ingredients within 24 hours, it is harmful to your health.

Therefore, when using the drug, you should carefully review the ingredients of the medicine or consult your doctor about their combination.

4 tips when eating grapefruit

  • Eating grapefruit should leave a white film on the bottom of the segments: This is the part that contains much nutrition and fiber, do not peel too much grapefruit when eating.
  • It is better to eat grapefruit than to drink grapefruit juice: Unless the child or the elderly or the sick or the tooth ache is hard to chew, then using grapefruit juice is because the grapefruit is a valuable natural fiber. We should make use of it to make the digestive system healthier.
  • Eat grapefruit as soon as separating the grapefruit into segments: Grapefruit has a pleasant aroma and can be stained, dehydrated if we leave it for too long. So eating after separating the grapefruit into segments is to ensure nutrient and freshness.
  • You should keep grapefruit peel and grapefruit seeds to use after eating grapefruit. These are all precious and natural medicines that we can use to care for health and beauty.
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