When To Drink Cold Water, When To Drink Warm Water?

In fact, drinking warm water or cold water is good for health and appropriate for each subject in different circumstances.

Do you know 50-60% of our bodies contain water? It is said that water is a very important component in the body, helping to maintain a stable life for all parts. But, should you drink warm water or cold water?

Just as in hot weather, many people choose to drink cold water to relieve thirst and cool the body. However, in this case, warm water is believed to have more health benefits.

But in general, each kind of water has different benefits and disadvantages. And hereafter, the research experts will provide useful information on these two types of water for us to distinguish.

1. Cold water

when drink cold water?

Cold water usually has a temperature of 8-10 degrees Celsius, which works to bring a sense of coolness to the body, especially in hot summer. In addition, drinking cold water at appropriate times also has certain effects.

Drink after doing exercise

When doing exercise to lose weight, body temperature rises from the inside. Therefore, in such cases, it is beneficial to drink cold water to cool down the body.

Prevention of stroke due to heat

If it is very sunny and energy is lost, drinking cold water now reduces the risk of heat stroke.

Support for weight loss

Drink and take cold water can help to remove stubborn belly fat by increasing body metabolism to burn fat, thereby helping to lose weight.

Even though drinking ice water or cold water will provide a cool feeling and full of life, but it will also cause some of the following harmful effects:

  • Reduce energy
  • Digestive disorders
  • Make mucus in the body
  • Decrease heart rate

2. Warm water

when drink warm water

Warm water usually has a temperature of 27 to 41 degrees Celsius. However, many people do not like to drink ordinary warm water instead of hot drinks like tea or coffee. The good news is that drinking warm water brings many benefits to the body as follows:

Excretion of toxins in the body

When drinking warm water in the morning, the body will be eliminated all the toxins, causing more harms and diseases. To gain more benefits, you can add fresh lemon slices to a cup of warm water. Vitamin C in lemon works to restore cell function while warm water is responsible for detoxifying.

Reduce pain

Pain that usually occurs during menstruation or headache can be relieved by warm water. By increasing blood circulation, it improves the circulation of blood vessels. At the same time, it also relieves cramps and assists in cramping muscle relaxation.

Reduce stress

Not only hot tub helps you to relieve stress, but even a cup of warm water will do this. Drink a glass of warm water and the stress will gradually disappear.

Warm water improves the functioning of the nervous system. As dehydration increases the likelihood of cortisol levels in the blood, one of the hormones that causes stress. Therefore, always add enough water to repel stress more easily.

Support for weight loss

Drink both warm and cold water to help you with weight loss. However, warm water stimulates the metabolism of the body better. It not only helps to raise the body temperature but also helps to burn calories.

Improve circulation

While cold water narrows the blood vessels, warm water dilates the blood vessels, helping to circulate blood. This brings a lot of functional benefits to the body, reducing the risk of many cardiovascular diseases.

Improve digestion

Slight or unstable defecation is an extremely dangerous problem. In particular, constipation is a consequence of the body’s lack of water. Therefore, water will help intestinal stimulation, especially warm water is more beneficial in this process.

Improve early aging symptoms

This is the most sensitive issue for women. The cause of this phenomenon is the accumulation of many toxins in the body. To counteract that, keep the habit of drinking warm water regularly.

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