What To Eat After Food Poisoning To Quickly Recover

Expressions after food poisoning will often be vomiting, diarrhea, which is the body’s natural reaction to remove toxins out of the body. But it causes the body to lose water and electrolytes. Eating and drinking are the means so that after food poisoning, the body can recover faster.

Kinds of food you should use after food poisoning

Rehydration and liquid

Vomiting and diarrhea not only make the body fatigue and weakness but also dehydrate and important electrolytes for the body. Therefore, the principle is to dehydrate enough water and electrolytes by drinking oresol, in addition to drinking water, tea, fruit juices, soup.

Eating fruit

Eating fruit after food poisoning is very good. The fruit consists of complex carbohydrates and natural sugars that give the body energy. But not all fruits will benefit the body after food poisoning. You should choose bananas and eating less will help to soothe the stomach and reduce the feeling of nausea.

Rice or porridge

White rice is the perfect food after food poisoning by not stimulating the stomach and enough energy for the body.

Carrot soup

Carrot soup will provide energy and help to stabilize the stomach. This is one of the foods chosen when children start to eat solid foods. The pectin present in carrots also helps to prevent diarrhea.

Toasted bread

Beside rice or porridge, bread is an easily tolerated food that can be added to the menu.


Use ginger in several ways that can help you recover from food poisoning. You can drink ginger tea, drink the ginger juice mixed with honey or chew some fresh ginger slices.

Food You Should Eat After Food Poisoning


Honey is a good choice to recover after food poisoning. In honey, it contains natural antibacterial, good treatment for indigestion. You can use 1 tablespoon of honey in pure form or put in a cup of hot tea and drink.


Lemon is antibacterial, has strong anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects, can kill bacteria causing food poisoning. Some cups of lemon juice after food poisoning will work effectively.

Basil leaves

This type of herbs can help reduce the discomfort when you are suffering from food poisoning. You may take with basil leaf juice mixed with one tablespoon of honey for the day.

Other foods to eat after food poisoning:

  • fermented foods, such as yogurt and sauerkraut
  • clear broths, especially bone broths
  • low-sugar oatmeal
  • plain potatoes
  • saltine crackers
  • baked chicken without skin
  • turkey

Kinds of foods you need to avoid

In addition to what you should eat after food poisoning, you should also know what foods should be avoided after food poisoning.

Dairy products

When the stomach is damaged, the body is temporarily unable to tolerate lactose – a substance found in milk, so you should avoid drinking milk for a few days.

High-fat foods

Fried foods such as fried chicken, french fries, and other high-fat items can all cause rapid emptying of the stomach and worsening diarrhea-related symptoms.

Spicy or fatty foods

These foods tend to aggravate gastrointestinal distress that is already compromised after food poisoning. You also remove high fiber foods such as nuts, grains, citrus fruits and peeled fruits. High fiber foods will put pressure on your stomach.

Drinks to avoid

Many people may consider electrolyte-containing beverages a good alternative to oral rehydration solutions. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) caution against using electrolyte beverages, such as Gatorade or Powerade, because they are not designed to replace diarrhea-related losses.

These drinks can also contain high amounts of sugar, which can be stimulating to the bowels and could worsen symptoms.

If these drink types are all that a person has available, they should dilute them with water.

Other drinks to avoid include:

  • coffee
  • dark sodas
  • milk
  • caffeinated tea

These drinks can affect a person’s hydration status and be more dehydrating than hydrating. In the case of milk, some people develop a temporary lactose intolerance after a gastrointestinal infection and may experience symptoms when drinking it.

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