What Should People Who Are Stopping Smoking Eat?

Food has a significant role in helping smokers reduce cravings for cigarettes and then they will quit smoking. Take a look what foods are good for decreasing cravings for cigarettes.

What Should People Who Are Stopping Smoking Eat

Avoid sugar, red meat, coffee and wine

Avoid sugar because it will make you increase more cravings for cigarettes. Meanwhile, red meat enhances the aromatic flavor of tobacco. The effects of coffee and alcohol on the brain make you crave a cigarette. And once you have taken a sip of coffee, your determination to reduce your smoking will also wobble.


Maybe you need 2-3 apples a day. Apples contain pectin which reduces the levels of toxins in your blood. In bad cases, a diet with apples helps to completely filter the toxins from cigarettes in the blood. Apples are also crunchy and sweet, helping smokers reduce their sense of cravings for cigarettes while quitting smoking.


There are many ways you can use cinnamon as an assistant to help you quit smoking. Simply, you only breathe a fake cinnamon stick like you are taking a cigarette. Second, cinnamon boosts brain activity, relieves nervous stress and memory loss – temporary signs of side effects of quitting smoking.

Cinnamon is good for everything: blood, stomach… It looks like cinnamon is a tonic for almost anything.

Ginger and Garlic

Literally, ginger is thermal. It causes you to sweat and release toxins. Garlic stabilizes blood pressure when you quit smoking.

Milk and other dairy products

Can you imagine smoking after drinking a glass of milk? It does not sound very good because milk will make cigarettes bitter.


Carrots, celery, broccoli, cucumber are the foods that can curb your cravings for cigarettes. They make cigarettes changed with horrible taste and also reduce the cravings for nicotine.

vegetables quit smoking



A little trick but it is very effective – lick a little salt with your tongue. It will quench cravings for cigarettes.

Advices from a doctor

When we no longer smoke, the body will have no nicotine to reduce the amount of fat accumulated in the body, then iodine will replace the role of nicotine involved in the body’s natural fat burning process. . Especially in fruits, bananas are very healthful because they are rich in B vitamins and many other minerals, helping you to quit smoking. Therefore, it will be a good solution when we add bananas in the diet if we intend to quit smoking.

In the evening, the people who are stopping smoking is very conscious, difficult to sleep. Up to 25% of people who are stopping smoking have sleep disorders. Therefore, the people who are stopping smoking should not be eat in 2 hours before their sleep. They also do not drink caffeinated water in 4 hours before bedtime. They should drink a glass of hot milk or a cup of chrysanthemum tea 30 minutes before going to sleep, which is a natural sedative. They should also drink8-12 cups of water a day to help to release nicotine as well as toxins out of the body.

To avoid weight gain during quitting smoking, we should exercise, the only way to get the strong muscles. The more muscles you have, the more calories you will consume, even while you are resting. So, our health is improved and more excitement with exercise.

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