What Should Patients With Degenerative Spine Eat?

What should patients with degenerative spine eat? Here are the foods you should note:

According to experts, patients with degenerative spine should pay attention to the supplement foods on the daily menu to support cure degenerative spine. So, What should patients with degenerative spine eat? Here are the foods you should note:

What Should Patients With Degenerative Spine Eat

1. Soybeans

Soybeans are not high in calcium but are good for osteoporosis prevention. Soybeans contain the Genistein active ingredient, which is considered as plant estrogen hormones. They have the same effect as biological estrogen, also contributing to bone strength.

2. Kinds of meat

Patients should eat pork, beef, poultry. Especially with the concept of “to be healthy, you must healthy food”, the dishes cooked from the bone, ribs are also very good for patients. Typically, bone stew contains a lot of glucosamine and chondroitin, these are two natural compounds that have the effect of adding calcium to the body.

3. Fruit

To cure degenerative spine, patients should eat guava, papaya, pineapple, orange, lemon, grapefruit. This is a great source of anti-inflammatory and vitamin C supplements.

4. Green vegetables and red fruits

Patients With Degenerative Spine Eat

For example, green cauliflowers are high in vitamin K and C that help to keep bones strong. Carrots are rich in vitamins A and E – two factors needed to protect joints and bones. Eating a lot of tomatoes is also beneficial because it reduces arthritis pain. In addition, tomato seeds can also replace aspirin to help to fight arthritis and reduce pain well.

5. Fungus and wood ear

Fungus and wood ear are two delicious foods. In addition, they have the effect of enhancing the body’s resistance, helping the body to fight aging, reducing the risk of osteoarthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease…

Specifically, wood ear has the effect of lowering blood pressure, preventing atherosclerosis. It also contains polysaccharide which enhances immunity in the human body to protect against radiation and tumor suppression.

Fungus have long been dubbed “the king of fungi” have anti-inflammatory effect, cure body weakness and reduce leg numbness.

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