Weight Gain In A Month With Beer And Condensed Milk

In order to have a balanced shape, not only weight loss but also weight gain is a concern of many women. Let’s take a quick look at the secret of gaining weight quickly by drinking beer with condensed milk, this way is safe and effective without spending much money.

The main ingredient in condensed milk is cow’s milk and sugar which are all extremely high-calorie compounds, adding a lot of energy to promote the weight gain process quickly. In addition, condensed milk also adds a lot of vitamin A and vitamin B1, so it is suitable for people who are malnourished.

gain weight with beer and condensed milk

Beer in addition to make beauty, beer is also a natural “weight gain” for women with key ingredients such as folic acid, vitamins, iron, and calcium. When drinking beer, about 20% of the alcohol will enter the blood and metabolize in the liver, when the alcohol is found, the body will stop burning fat to switch to eliminate those byproducts.

Beer and condensed milk seem to be unrelated products, but when combined, they will create a mixture that will bring unexpected effects to the “skinny-bones” female. The delicious milk- beer, the greasy milk blends with the aroma of beer, all creating a taste hard to resist.

How to gain weight with beer and condensed milk 

Prepared materials

  • 1 can of beer
  • 1 can of condensed milk
  • A glass

How to process

First, pour a half of a can of beer into a glass with 3-4 teaspoons of condensed milk (can increase or decrease the amount of milk depending on each person’s taste) and stir well. You can use egg whisk to stir, so the glass of milk- beer will be smoother and more eye-catching.

With just a few ingredients and a simple way to do it, you have a delicious glass of beer-milk and help you gain weight effectively. For best results, drink after meals for 15-20 minutes and 3 times a week to help your weight increase quickly.

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Notes when taking milk- beer for weight gain

Combining condensed milk and beer will help you gain weight quickly, but not so abusive it should only be used within 1 month. After the weight has been desired, you should combine with a variety of different foods into your daily diet to make the nutritional supplements more complete and varied.

Although it is known as a drink that can gain weight quickly, but if you have ever had allergies or signs of being allergic to beer, do not try this method.

The weight gain of beer combined with condensed milk has many good uses for the body. For those who have tried all the ways that the weight is still unchanged, try this formula right away, which will definitely give you the expected results only after the first month of use. Hopefully, through the information I have shared, I can help you find a safe weight gain method with low cost but high efficiency.

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