Warning About Deadly Disease For The Players To Russia For 2018 World Cup

British media have warned players as well as fans when they come to Russia for 2018 World Cup, so be careful with the bites of mites and other insect. It is because they may transmit disease “Viral encephalitis”, causing death

Viral encephalitis caused by mites is a type of encephalitis caused by the bite of mites and some species of insect carry other pathogens. Symptoms include fever, headache, dizziness, and muscle aches. Long-term complications can cause seizures, paralysis and death if it is not gotten timely treatment.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Russia is a country where there is highest case of infection of “viral encephalitis caused by mites” in the world. Estimated each year, this country has 5,500-10,000 cases of this dangerous disease.

It is noted that the outbreak usually occurs between April and November every year. Thus, it coincides with 2018 World Cup. This will surely become a scary threat to the health of the players as well as the fans coming to Russia to cheer for the team.

Witnessed this, the British media have warned “Three Lions” and other teams to be cautious with the disease “viral encephalitis caused by mites”. It is because anyone can get sick, especially for people who have to stay in areas far from the city where there are many trees and this is the ideal living conditions for mites.

For England, this is definitely an extremely bad news for them. It is because, at this 2018 World Cup, “Three Lions” is arranged at RestMix Club, a four star hotel located in the village of Repino, outside the city of St. Petersburg. Be aware that this hotel is surrounded by grasslands and pine forest where many Insects carry dangerous germs can be found.

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