If You Want Your Children To Be Healthy, Do Not Conceive At This Time

In order for a child to be healthy and well-born, couples should be aware of the time when they should not conceive to avoid unnecessary risks.

Exposure to toxic environment

If you have to work in a hazardous environment, pollution, exposure to chemicals, this is not the ideal time to conceive. It is because when pregnant mothers are exposed to chemicals, they may face with the following risks:

– The fetus is deformed

– Your child may be weak

– Preterm birth, miscarriage

In this case, if you intend to have children, you should consult your doctor.


After stopping using birth control pills

After stopping using birth control pills is the time not to conceive. It is because during using birth control pills, women body has hormonal changes. Even though after stopping using birth control pills, contraception is no longer effective, the changes caused by birth control pills still affect the fetus.

Therefore, after stopping using birth control pills for about 3 months, you should be pregnant.

Honeymoon tours

According to experts, couples should not conceive on the days of honeymoon travel. It is because all living habits are turned upside down, making the body fatigue. Along with that, hygiene conditions are not guaranteed, this can cause some respiratory or digestive diseases or climatic differences will lead to hay fever, apoplexy…

These are all detrimental factors for pregnancy.

After removing the IUD

The IUD placed in the uterus for a long or short time affects the woman’s uterus. If you are pregnant immediately after the removal of the IUD, this will have negative impacts on the development of the fetus.

After removing the IUD for 2-3 months, the stable cervix stable will be a good time to get pregnant.

After miscarriage, premature birth

After miscarriage, premature birth is not the time to conceive because after this time, the uterus of women is severely damaged. If you get pregnant immediately, this can lead to the same condition as before.

Depending on the condition of each woman, the doctor will give advices on the appropriate time to get pregnant.

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