Vegetables And Fruits Can Prevent And Treat Diabetes

The following vegetables and fruits have a hypoglycemic effect to help to prevent diabetes. This is a traditional medicine of the East, a few people know.

Diet plays an important role in the treatment of mild diabetes, pre-diabetes. The following vegetables and fruits have a hypoglycemic effect to help to prevent diabetes, be introduced to readers.

Vegetables And Fruits Can Prevent And Treat Diabetes


A variety of beans can help to control blood glucose levels as well as reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke in people with type 2 diabetes. Use one of the following types of beans:

  • White hyacinth bean
  • Green bean
  • Red bean

Winter melon

It has the effect of cooling, detoxification. Putting a winter melon on a daily diet can make diabetes reduced. In addition, this is a remedy for people with diabetes with winter melon

  • Winter melon peel, watermelon peel put into the kettle. Pour water and boil. Use every day as tea.
  • 100g of winter melon, 30g of lotus leaves put in the kettle. Pour water and boil. Use every day as tea.


Recent research results show that pumpkin is not only a food of high nutritional value but also a good remedy for diabetes.

Usage: Take pumpkin with 250g, sliced, stewed, eat every day and continuously eat in a month.


Carrot is thought to be very good for diabetics, it provides beta-carotene which reduces the risk of diabetes and glycemic control.

Usage: fresh carrots, plain rice, just enough, cooking porridge to eat daily.

Bitter melon

The green bitter melon contains charantine, glycoside steroid active ingredients, have the effect of lowering blood sugar, slowing the development of diseases of the retina and cataracts. There are two ways to use: fresh form is used as daily vegetables, each day from 50-100g; dried form dissolved in powder, each 10g, 3 times a day and drink with boiling water instead of tea.

Mango leaves

Mango leaves are sweet and sour taste, cooling effect, diuretic. In addition, mango leaves contain anthioxidine having effect of hypoglycemia prevention of eye complications and blood vessels due to diabetes. Research shows that some of the compounds in mango leaves have similar therapeutic effects like diabetes drugs and lower cholesterol.

How to use: Take about 5 leaves of mango cut the yarn and then into the cup, pour boiling water and then leave overnight. Every morning, you drink this water of mango leaves. Or you can gradually take mango leaves in the shade until dry, crushed into powder to use in the morning and afternoon, each drink, you take half a teaspoon of mango leaves diluted with a glass of water. Do not use too many times a day because it can cause blood sugar levels to drop too low; you should not drink mango leaf juice close to other drugs.

Note: By modern methods of research, some vegetables and fruits have been proven but most of them are handed down and used in the form of folk experience. Therefore, you should keep track of the daily intake of fruit and vegetables with your regular intake of sugar.

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