Unsuspicious Harmful Effects Of Passion Fruit You Should Know

As well as other foods, passion fruit, although this fruit is good, it should be used properly, in moderation. Otherwise, it will cause more harms to your health.

Every summer, passion fruit becomes popular refreshments. Passion fruit is not only fragrant, cool but also very nutritious, bring more benefits to the body.

However, if you do not know how to use it, passion fruit like many other types of nutritious foods will cause more harms to health.

passion fruit side effects

Benefits of passion fruit:

Sources of vitamins and fiber are abundant: Passion fruit is rich in vitamins A and C, iron, potassium and other nutrients, providing a very good multivitamin for the health of human.

The mucilaginous rice that surrounds the passion fruit’s seed is an excellent source of fiber to help digestion, increase health without obesity.

Preventing the growth of cancer cells: In passion fruit containing phytochemic compounds, phenolic acids and flavonoids not only help to fight cancer cells, but also prevent cardiovascular diseases and anti-infection…

Good for diabetics: Passion fruit has many types of sugar to help to strengthen the body without harming blood sugar, so it is good for diabetics.

Sedative effects: Passion fruit contains many compounds, helping to cool down, sedate very well. Scientists use passion fruit to form into pills to sedate, prevent insomnia…

If you have passion fruit juice before bedtime, you will feel relaxed and easy to fall asleep.

Unsuspicious harmful effects of passion fruit if used improperly

As well as other foods, passion fruit, although this fruit is good, it should be used properly, in moderation. Otherwise, it will cause more harms to your health. The following are the harmful effects of abuse of using passion fruit or misuse of objects, wrong way:

1. When eating passion fruit too much

If you use passion fruit too much lemon and regularly will lead to side effects such as fatigue, nausea and vomiting. Sometimes, it makes you feel dizzy and irregular heartbeat.

Therefore, use passion fruit with a moderate amount and remember to replace with other fruits to be able to add a variety of nutrients to the body.

2. When eating passion fruit with its seeds

Many people know that the nutrients of lemons are abundant in the mucous membranes around the seeds, also known as seed coat. Therefore, they have the habit of eating the whole grain to make use of this maximum nutrient source.

However, in the passion fruit seeds do not contain any kind of nutrients, moreover it is hard material, it is hard to digest, so it can bring the burden to your digestive system.

If you eat passion fruit seeds too much, these seeds are not excreted out. In the process of moving, if these seeds accidentally falls in the diverticulum of the large intestine, you will have appendicitis or bowel obstruction.

3. While taking medicine

The substances in passion fruit can interact with certain medications such as sedatives and antihistamines or some herbs…It also increases the risk of bleeding because of interaction with anticoagulants.

Therefore, do not use passion fruit while taking the above medicines.

4. When you are sick

If you have allergies or stomach ulcers, be careful when using passion fruit for the following reasons:

Passion fruit can cause allergic reactions such as urticaria, dyspnea, asthma, angioneurotic edema… At the same time, passion fruit has many organic acids that can cause damage to people with peptic ulcer.

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