Unexpected Effects Of Eating Alone

According to the researchers, eating alone can lead to unpredictable consequences. So, stop having dinner alone tonight.

Talk about eating meals alone, most of us will only think of loneliness. But a study published on the Journal named Obesity Research & Clinical Practice found that people who usually eat alone may be at higher risk for heart disease and diabetes.

Compared with people who have dinner with other people, men who eat alone at least twice a day are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome – a group of three or more risk factors including high blood pressure , high cholesterol and prediabetes.

In the report of this study, the authors noted that families in many parts of the world are becoming less members than they were decades ago, even there is one person in the family. At the same time, eating forms also become irregular, not at the right meal, and individuals tending to eat alone are more and more becoming.

Eating alone bad for you

To study how these models have affected the metabolic syndrome, a disease is tending to increase worldwide, scientists compared health data and conducted surveys of 7,725 adults in Korea.

After the researchers adjusted for factors such as age, smoking and alcohol use, total weekly exercise, education level, and career status … the results were: For men gender, eating alone is considered to increase the risk of obesity by 45% and 64% risk of metabolic syndrome. Unmarried men who eat alone are at greatest risk for metabolic syndrome, three times as likely as people who eat with others.

This effect for women is lower than for men. Women who eat alone at least twice a day are 29% more likely to develop metabolic syndrome than people who rarely eat alone. However, this difference is disappeared when the researchers take into account the lifestyle and socio-economic factors.

Previous studies have mentioned about the issue of people who tend to eat alone may be lonely, isolated in social relationships, poorer in food choices, eat less fruits and vegetables and usually eat at unusual times. These studies cannot give a causal link between eating alone and the metabolic syndrome. But, they do not deny that metabolic syndrome can be activated by poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Annalijn Conklin, assistant professor of pharmacy science at the University of British Columbia has also studied the health outcomes associated with living and eating alone. She said she was not surprised by the findings of this study, particularly findings related to men.

Conklin said that the research in the future should consider other factors that may explain the relationship between eating alone and metabolic syndrome, such as stress levels and sleep quality.


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