The 12 Unexpected Benefits Of Palm Sugar

The people who plant palmyra are mainly for getting a drink of refreshments, wine processing and sugar production. Palm sugar tastes special, can be eaten fresh or cooked, also used to treat diseases.

Normally, palm sugar is processed into pieces such as alum sugar, circle, its diameter is about 4cm, 2cm thick, yellowish or white color. Gourmets often choose yellowish because they retain their natural flavor than refined white.

Its scientific name is Berassus flabellifer beloing to L. Palmaceae Palm family. Palmyra nodded Khmer “Thnot” means sugar coconut. The tree may be over 20m high, with many bushes, on the top with a spreading wide leaf.

health benefits of palm sugar

Provide many minerals

Palm sugar is rich in essential minerals. According to some research results, the mineral content in this type of sugar is 60 times higher than that of white sugar. This is a food source that offers a variety of vitamins. This is also a great remedy for anemic women. Palm sugar is a rich source of iron and if women add it to their daily diet, they will help them improve their anemia. This is essential for all women, especially teens and pregnant women.

Restore health to the digestive system

It may sound strange, but palm sugar is capable of acting as a digestive aid. In some parts of India, people have the habit of sipping small palm sugar after a meal for easy digestion. This type of sugar in the stomach will stimulate the activity of digestive enzymes and also help to cleanse the intestines.

Good for skin

Palm sugar is good for the skin. It makes the skin healthy. If you have acne on the skin, eat palm sugar every day to see its good effects and you will have a beautiful and non-defect skin.

palm sugar benefits

Rich in nutrients

Palm sugar contains a lot of iron. Consequently, regular consumption increases blood levels of iron and cures anemia. In addition, magnesium is responsible for regulating the nervous system. The abundant antioxidants in this natural sweetener also help to protect the body’s cells from damaging by free radicals. In addition, they are rich in calcium, potassium and phosphorus.

Energy supplement

Palm sugar contains carbohydrate compounds that help the body digest faster than white sugar. Therefore, they will release the energy stored in this type of sugar regularly. This also means that you will feel fuller and less appetite after consuming processed foods from palm sugar.

Relieve migraine

Migraine is a disease that occurs quite commonly in modern life. Natural therapeutic active ingredients present in palm sugar will help you soothe the pain caused by the disease. Just eat about 20g of palm sugar will feel the migraine to be reduced.

Limit the seasonal effects of the year to the body

This unique trait of the palm sugar is shown by the fact that they work to reduce acne breakouts in the summer and soften the cold winter sensation. In summer, this type of food will help to cool down, cool the body. Meanwhile, in the winter, the palm sugar is uttered to keep warm, help to get warmer.

Good for children

It is raw sugar, so it does not affect the baby’s digestive system, but it also provides many health benefits, especially for infants. One of these health benefits is to boost your baby’s immune system, prevent anemia, cleanse the liver, and help to keep bones healthy. However, palm sugar should be consumed at a moderate level. Otherwise it will cause some serious side effects: babies may be addicted to palm sugar because of its sweet taste, which can cause intestinal disease, if the palm sugar is excess, this can cause kidney disease, skin rash. In addition, palm sugar with high caloric content will affect the health of the baby. Therefore, it should only be used to moderate consumption to absorb the best benefits.

Constipation prevention

Palm sugar helps the intestinal system work more smoothly and steadily and helps to prevent constipation in newborns. It activates digestive enzymes and promotes digestion in the newborn. When the Palm sugar is absorbed into the body, this will be the process of eliminating toxins from the body and cleanse the liver.

Strong bones

Palm sugar provides minerals, calcium, and phosphorus – the nutrients needed to help keep the bones and tissues of healthy babies healthy.

Combat the flu

Your baby’s immune system is weak, so she has frequent colds, flu, and cough. Palm sugar is the kind of food that is highly valued for the treatment of cold and flu symptoms.

Increase immunity

Palm sugar is rich in antioxidants and minerals such as selenium and zinc, which help to prevent the risk of injury to cells by the action of free radicals. This helps babies to fight infection, increase immunity.

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