Benefits Of Turmeric Water? Should It Be Taken Daily?

Taking turmeric water daily help beautifying skin, treating acne, supporting treatment of stomach pain, gastroesophageal reflux. For people with diabetes, turmeric water has anti-cancer effect, reduce blood cholesterol, it is advisable to take it every day in small doses.

The turmeric can be pureed and pressed into juice and drink for beautifying and health care. Here, let’s learn what the effects of turmeric water? Should it be taken daily?

turmeric water benefits

The benefits of turmeric water


Enhance the digestive system

Turmeric water is considered an excellent folk remedy to overcome indigestion at home. Turmeric has the ability to stimulate the gallbladder, reduce bile fluids, support the digestive process, contributing to reducing symptoms such as flatulence, heartburn, and constipation. Drinking turmeric water helps to strengthen the digestive system while promoting metabolism.

In addition, turmeric also works to reduce irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis. Regularly taking turmeric water will help you prevent digestive problems.

Enhance cardiovascular health

In turmeric contains curcumin active in reducing lipoprotein concentration, stabilizing cholesterol levels in the body, contributing to preventing cardiovascular diseases, limiting the risk of stroke.

Taking turmeric water daily has a very good effect in controlling the formation, accumulation of arterial plaque, preventing atherosclerosis, anti-platelet aggregation – the cause of blood clots.


Regulate blood sugar levels

Regularly using turmeric water is to help to regulate blood sugar in diabetic patients. Nutritional ingredients in turmeric help the pancreas work more effectively, thereby regulating and balancing insulin hormone levels.

Besides, taking turmeric water also helps to increase the effectiveness of diabetes medications. Drinking a glass of water with 1 teaspoon of turmeric water and ¼ teaspoon of black pepper daily will help you control blood sugar levels.

Treat arthritis

Active curcumin ingredients in turmeric have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant effects. Its anti-inflammatory effects are thought to be better than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs because they can inhibit increased inflammation while non-steroidal drugs also cause some side effects.

People with arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis should use turmeric water daily to relieve pain and anti-inflammation. In addition, turmeric water also works to slow the progression of arthritis.

Treat Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that causes degeneration of the whole brain and is unable to recover, and will gradually cause memory loss. Turmeric water is thought to be very helpful in preventing and slowing the disease process. With anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric water has the ability to reduce encephalitis by blocking the spread of COX-2 enzyme causing neuritis.

Regularly taking turmeric water will help to circulate oxygen to the brain more effectively, which contributes to preventing and slowing the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.

turmeric water

Prevent cancer

In turmeric contains curcumin that can help the body eliminate free radicals and reduce the risk of damage to cell membranes and DNA. Therefore, taking turmeric water daily helps to prevent the risk of cancer.

Besides, turmeric also works to support the treatment of many different cancers like lung cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, oral cancer and colon cancer.

To maximize the effect of preventing or supporting cancer treatment as well as increasing the activity of curcumin, you should take turmeric water in the morning, when you have not eaten anything.

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How to make turmeric water

The fresh turmeric is washed, peeled and shredded. Put it all in a blender, puree then squeeze it.

Keep the juice in the refrigerator and use it for 3 days, you can also use them with soft drinks, soups, milk or in dishes.

Fresh turmeric water or turmeric powder can be used for adults and children. However, if you have gallstones and biliary obstruction, you should limit your use.

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