5 Ways To Treat Sore Throat Quickly Without Medication

Signs of sore throat | How to treat | How to prevent

Regular use of antibiotics will make the body resistant to drugs, weak and more susceptible to disease. Therefore, the cure for sore throat without medicine is a very friendly solution for everyone’s health.

It is uncomfortable for many people when taking medication, especially antibiotics when curing sore throat. Because the throat is sore, it is difficult for you to swallow and the side effects of the medication are also undesirable.

Signs of sore throat

Sore throat is a very common disease of the oral route, especially when the weather changes. This disease makes people extremely uncomfortable. Sore throat often shows signs like:

  • Headache, high fever
  • A sore throat, a dry cough
  • A painful swelling of the neck appears

In addition, patients may also experience symptoms such as nasal congestion, runny nose, swollen tonsils, fatigue and anorexia…

Treating sore throat without antibiotics

In the old days, the use of drugs was very limited. When there was a sore throat that often used only small tips with some food or herbs to treat, but its effect was very high.

When you have a sore throat, you can use some of the following ways.

Method 1

Take 3 – 4 cloves of garlic, then crushed and put in 1 cup of hot milk then heat for about 10-15 minutes. Remove residue, filter and drink. Drink 2-3 cups everyday to cure sore throat quickly.

Hot garlic milk has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect that soothes the throat and prevents coughing attacks for you. It is effective if you use this drink for 2-3 days, making you surprised.

In addition to the treatment of sore throat, hot garlic milk also helps:

  • Treat cough
  • Anti-pulmonary TB
  • Reduce arthritis
  • Fight sciatica
  • Treat jaundice
  • Reduce cardiovascular problems
  • Reduce cholesterol

Method 2

Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water about 300ml, then heat it or you can use hot water to mix with lemon and have a little taste.

With this method, only a few days, sore throat will disappear.

treat sore throat without medication

Method 3

Put lemon juice in a silver cup in a shady place for 1 day. Drink a small spoon or a small sip per hour.

Note: This approach should be not applied to people with kidney diseases.

Method 4

Use fresh carrot juice and add about 2 tablespoons of honey to stir and mix 1: 1 ratio with water.

Use this mixture to gargle your throat during the day. Every day, use about 3-5 times, 5 – 7 minutes each time.

Method 5

The simplest way is use potato juice to gargle your throat daily or gargling with salt water which is similar to potato juice.

How to prevent sore throat?

  • Clean oral hygiene
  • Drink plenty of water (dry throat is the growth environment of bacteria)
  • Limit processed foods
  • Limit smelly, sweet and oily foods…
  • Limit drinking ice and eating cold food
  • Regularly get tartar
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