Treat Kidney Stones In 7 Days With Pineapple

In traditional medicine, pineapple also known as a kind of food – the drug effectively cures many diseases, including kidney stones. Here are three remedies from pineapple to help kidney stones treatment in just 7 days.

Pineapple is known as a popular summer fruit. Pineapple is used to eat directly or make juice to drink as a supplement, many nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin B1, manganese, organic acids…

Pineapple is effective in heat decrease, detoxification. The juice of pineapple leaves and unripe pineapple has laxative and detoxification effect.

The root of pineapple has diuretic effect, cure urinary urine, urinary incontinence…

Treat Kidney Stones With Pineapple

How to use pineapple to cure kidney stones

In folk medicine still pass some remedies few people know how to use pineapple to cure kidney stones, urinary stones as follows:

– Take a pineapple, cut a hole and put into it 0.3g alum. Stew this pineapple for 3 hours, then eat both pineapple and its water.

Use one pineapple every day in 7 continuous days. Many cases that apply to this bring good results.

– Grill pineapple on the fire to burn the outer shell and then squeeze to take its juice to mix with 1 egg whisked, drink once. You should drink immediately 3 days and 2 times/day to see the good effect.

– Take a pineapple, peel, cut a hole about 3 cm, pour some alum into and cut the top of the pineapple to cover.

Put in the oven, bake until its golden state and make juice about 2 cups of water. Before going to sleep, drink a cup of juice so that kidney stones and bladder can be soft.

In the morning, after waking up, drink the remaining cup so that kidney stones can be broken, then they will be removed according to the urine.

The treatment is very simple, raw materials are easy to find but the results bringing for patients are very optimistic.

In fact, many people have used pineapple to cure kidney stones and they have no feeling of abdominal pain, lacerations, fatigue…

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A doctor’s advice for people with kidney stones

  • Reduce foods high in oxalate: tea, coffee, chocolate, bran, cereals, spinach…
  • Drink plenty of orange, lemon, and fresh grapefruit juice: these drinks contain citrates that help to prevent you from creating stones.
  • Eat more fresh vegetables: help digestion fast, reduce absorption of substances causing kidney stones.
  • Avoid foods rich in purines that cause kidney stones such as dried fish, dried meat, dried shrimps, sausages, fish sauce, pig ass, cow ass.
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