Tips To Remove All Flies, Mosquitoes, Cockroaches, Mice Out Of Your House Immediately

Flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice are the kind of insects that cause your life to face with more troublesome, even getting infected some diseases when they are raging in your environment.

To get rid of these obnoxious insects out of your house quickly without any chemicals, you can follow some tips below, they will have to “fly” away from your house immediately.

Tips for mosquitoes removal

Burn the peels of orange and tangerine

When eating orange and tangerine, do not throw its peel away, let’s dry it, then use the peel of tangerine, orange to burn and repel mosquitoes.

The flavor of orange and tangerine is very fragrant and help you feel good but it is insecticides of mosquitoes. When mosquitoes smell this smell, they will “rush” out of your house.

Mint juice

Growing mints in the home garden or in the pots, making the scene, just get the vegetable to eat and repel mosquitoes in the best way.

To repel mosquitoes, you use a bunch of mint leaves crumpled and then leave it in the corner, this flavor will make mosquitoes “terrorstruck” to fly away. This method has effect in repelling mosquitoes from 1-2 days.


Floral passionate of horticulture if smelling incense long, this will cause you to have a headache or dizziness. With mosquitoes, just a few branches of horticulture in the garden are enough to make them drunken, they will fly out of your house immediately.

Melaleuca oil

Using melaleuca oil with a few drops into the bathroom or apply it on the clothes will cause mosquitoes to run away immediately. Melaleuca oil is also effective in mosquito repellant and insect bites very effectively.


Citronella is also an enemy taste with mosquitoes. The aroma makes you feel good, but make mosquitoes to run away. You can put some lemongrass near the bedside lamp, the heat of the lamp will help to spread lemon grass, making mosquitoes not dare to approach.

You can simply add a few drops of lemon grass oil on a sleep lamp. Growing some lemongrass in the garden is also a good way to limit mosquitoes to your home.

Garlic and garlic juice

Garlic and garlic juice

Cut the garlic into slices and leave in the window area to make the mosquitoes not dare to fly into your house anymore because they are afraid of this smell.

Or you can pound garlic, pour water into this mixture, then leave it at the corner of the house is also effective for mosquito repellent.

Tips to evict flies

Extremely simple to get rid of these dirty flies out of your house. Using transparent plastic bags, add water and a silver coin into the bag of water.

Then tie up and hang up in areas where there are many flies. When flies see this bag with the coin, the flies will be afraid to fly away.

Tips to get rid of cockroaches

Spray of soapy water

Use diluted soap, put into sprayer, spray directly on cockroaches, the cockroaches will die immediately after.

Sugar + dishwashing liquid

Mix 3 tablespoons of sugar with a small amount of dishwashing liquid in an iron box to the cockroach area. When they crawl on the tin, they smell it and fall into the iron box.


Simply cut the onion and place it on the plate, when they smell the onion, the cockroaches will run away immediately.

Tips for mice removal

Menthol oil

How to get rid of mice quickly without the effort you spend is using menthol oil. The scent of mint makes mice rush away when they smell this flavor.

Especially in the kitchen area, containing foods, when they smell this flavor, the mice will not dare to approach.

You can spray menthol oil in the corner or grow mints in the garden to make the mouse scare and run away.

Soap powder

Soap powder is always available in the house, you just mix the soap powder with broccoli and a little cool rice placed in the corner of the kitchen or the area often rats pass. When they smell the mixture, they will not dare come near anymore.

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