Tips Help Your Cracked Lips To Become Smooth

In the winter, when the weather is dry, your lips often become cracked, rough and discomfortable because of lack of water. Some effective tips below will help your cracked lips to become smooth in just a short time.

Getting plenty of water is to cure cracked lips

The symptom of the cracked lips is because the weather is dry, the body is dehydrated, it is good for your lips to get plenty of water and avoid dry skin. In addition, it is necessary to add fruits containing more vitamin C such as orange, tangerine…

Coconut oil moisturizes your lips effectively

This is a medicine extracted from natural essential oils, which is very good for moisturizing and soothing for your skin. Let ‘s apply coconut oil to your lips and face to avoid the phenomenon of dry, cracked issues.

tips help cracked lips become smooth

Curing your cracked lips with poultry fat

It is useful for you to use fat from poultry such as goose and duck: this is the type of poultry whose fat is good for balming and softening your lips if you use them every day. And this is a very good and effective method for treating chapped lips.

Cucumber helps to soften your lips

This is a kind of good food for your skin, lips too, it works to moisturize, soften, avoid drying on the skin. Cucumber is washed with whole shell, then sliced to apply to your lips, face for about 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Rose leaf cares for your lips effectively

The rose leaf has been considered to be a very good beauty care product, which includes keeping the skin soft and resilient to crack. Please use the rose leaf soaked in a sufficient amount of milk. It is soaked for several hours, then crush the rose leaf, mash them in milk to form a rose water solution.

Before going to bed, apply this solution on your lips and face, this will make your lips and skin naturally smooth. And when this solution is finished using, it is important to preserve this solution in a dry and covered place.

Cooking oil

Applying oil to the lips for about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Do not do this in the daytime, especially in sunny weather.


It is good and effective to apply honey to your chapped lips. After honey is dried, let’s apply a little Vaseline on your slips. For about 15 minutes, you use a piece of cotton ball to clean honey and Vaseline on your lips. You should do this about twice a day. It is noted that you need to use moisturizer for your lips before going to bed

All these methods are tips to cure the cracked lips simply and effectively. You can do these today to improve your chapped lips and regain your soft, smooth lips.

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