10 Tips To Falling Asleep Fast

From the elderly to the young, anyone can have troubles in sleeping. An average person needs to sleep about 8 hours a day, even the best way is to sleep before 11 pm.

But, you are tossing and turning all night, look at the clock and worried because it is too late. So, how do we get enough sleep? Here are 10 tips to fall asleep fast and get a good sleep.

1. Give yourself a suitable sleeping space

If there is a rough and old cushion, please throw it away. Do not regret it if you do not want to feel uncomfortable, it can make you difficult in sleeping. Some minor changes in bed can also make you sleepy like using cotton bedsheets because it does not cause itchiness. Another tip is that you should use satin pillows instead of cotton because it will give you a comfortable and cool feeling while sleeping. The best room temperature to sleep is 26-28 degrees Celsius. Room has to ensure air circulation well.

2. Turn off all lights

Darkness is absolutely necessary because the light causes the suppression of sleep hormones as well as increases the body temperature by producing cortisol hormones, making you “wide-awake”.

3. Do not use electronic devices

Most people before going to sleep surf for social networking or entertainment. Phone, TV and computer attract us. These devices make brain awake and alert. So, to sleep better, you need to say goodbye to your beloved phone. It is necessary to avoid these devices before going to sleep because the light from them decreases the quality of sleep. Fight against the internet if you have been awake for several nights because they only make your insomnia more serious.

How to falling asleep fast

4. Get out of your bed

Staying on the bed, restlessness and discomfort actually make your brain sober. If you cannot sleep, wake up and do something such as reading or playing sudoku (a puzzle game based on combinational logic) – remember not to use your phone. When you feel exhausted, you will immediately want to return to bed. You should also try sleeping on a sofa or at another room, sometimes it is a effective way.

5. Lighten the bladder

Do not drink too much liquid before going to bed because you will have to get up in the middle of the night to deal with “sadness” – which interrupts your sleep. Lighten the bladder before going to bed to feel comfortable and relieved.

6. Say no to stress

An important way to sleep is to stop worrying thoughts out of the mind. The sound of rain and soft music help you fall asleep easily. If you are a workaholic, avoid thinking about what happens during the day. You should not imagine anything frightening or violent. If you find yourself distracted, play a melody and drop into the music.

7. Change sleeping posture

Sleeping posture is very important if you want a good sleep in the night. Make sure you keep your back straight and not too high or low. Avoid lying on your stomach and you can try putting a pillow between your knees to keep your hips balanced.

8. Try some relaxation techniques

Do exercise: Study the exercises before going to sleep, you can practice in about 10 minutes.

Meditation: This method is always a way to rest your mind and avoid the tension that many people love to pass from one life to another. However, in order to meditate properly, you need to learn and practice a lot.

Get into the fantasy world: Imagine what makes you happy or dreaming about your expectations. Think about your ideal day, beautiful children, beach or simply a loved one.

Breathing by method “4-7-8”: First, place your tongue on the two incisors and exhale. Then, put your mouth back and inhale the nose for 4 seconds and then hold it for 7 seconds. Finally, exhale completely with the mouth for 8 seconds. Repeat these steps until you fall asleep.

meditation help you falling asleep fast

9. Build conditional reflexes

Set a bedtime routine and repeat this routine for 30 days, after your body will feel tired and know when to take a break. If some clothes make your body uncomfortable, change and wear whatever you feel comfortable.

10. Control of eating and drinking

Limit the amount of food consumed in the evening because it can make you full stomach and not sleep well. Avoid having alcohol or caffeine before going to bed because they will interfere with sleep. Instead, you should take a warm shower, be clean, relaxed and drink a glass of hot milk.

When you cannot sleep, do not try to lie in bed again, but sit up and try playing the brain games such as soduku (no phone) until you feel tired to stop and sleep immediately.

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