These Animals Symbolize Good Luck In World Culture

Please take a look typical species in the list of animals that bring blessings, you may have owned or met these animals without knowing that you may encounter some luck?

Many animals are considered to bring luck to humans. However, not all people see the same animal as luck. The article would like to give you some information about the lucky pets that people love.

good luck animal in world culture

Many animals around us are lucky symbols, maybe we don’t know


This is the lucky symbol of the Chinese people. In this country, the bat represents a long and happy life. The name of the bat species in Chinese has a similar reading of the word of luck. People often wear amulets or necklaces with bat-shaped shapes to ward off bad luck. Bat-shaped motifs were also printed on the postcards. The sender of this postcard wants to send wishes for health, wellbeing and wealth to the recipient. For Chinese people, the bat is a smart and sensitive animal, it is able to feel where there is fresh air. Therefore, if there is a bat nest in the house, it is certain that the family will become prosperous and make it “booming” quickly.


For many Native Americans, ancient Siberians and a group of immigrants to Alaska (USA), bear is an extremely fortunate symbol. For them, bear has supernatural powers because of their amazing ability to survive through the cold winter. It does not need to load food during the winter months but can survive until spring comes. In the Nordic legend, the bear is also the incarnation of the god Odin – the leader of the gods.

bear good luck symbol

Dung beetle

For the ancient Egyptians, the dung beetle is the creature that called the sun up. For an agricultural economy like in Egypt, the sun has a very important role. The sun god is also the supreme deity. Ancient people observed that dung beetle uses solar energy to incubate eggs in the feces of other animals, this is a very admirable behavior. It knows how to use the warmth of the sun to hatch the young. Therefore, dung beetle is also a symbol of resourcefulness, creativity and a new beginning. Images of dung beetle are also found as decorative motifs on walls or sculptures. Some jewelry also has pictures of this beetle.

Not all species know how to take advantage of sunlight and “excess products” of other animals for incubation like dung beetle.


Archaeologists have found many images of bulls on the jewelry and carvings of Greek and Egyptian culture. The bull is a symbol of strength, fullness in men and good health. The Greeks consider the bull as a mascot in love and fertility. They let cows wear necklaces or garlands and believe that this will increase the cow’s sexual ability as well as bring luck to the family’s health and agricultural productivity.


The sound of crickets in a solitary spring night reminds people of comfort and relaxation. Chinese people believe in consensus in the sound of crickets. They all like to make a concert. In addition, crickets are also a symbol of safety and protection, it is considered as a house-dog. The reason is because when a strange person or creature comes near, they will not ring anymore. Crickets shaped amulets are found in many parts of Asia and the Middle East. In some places, crickets are also a symbol of rebirth, probably it is because the cricket’s life cycle is simple and quite fast. From giving birth to incubation is about 20-25 days. The life cycle of the cricket undergoes four molting times, when cricket grows its wings on the third time (about 2.5 months old) to be able to fly.


Frogs are often associated with images of rain, and of course it will become the mascot of many agricultural areas. Timely rains and favorable weather, the new agriculture develops and the economy is stable. There is no doubt why frogs are also on the list of lucky animals. In India, many villagers also hold weddings for frogs to pray for rain when the drought lasts too long.


The hind legs of rabbits are considered as a lucky object in many cultures. However, for this foot to be sacred, everyone must choose a bright moon day to take its foot, and at the same time perform more rituals.

Rabbits are also a lucky symbol for giving birth. The newly married couples have been given a rabbit leg symbol to symbolize their descendants. In the Easter of Christians, the rabbit is also a symbol of peace and affluence.

Obama and rabbits


According to Barry Kaufkins, a folklore researcher at the University of West Kentucky, in Cambodia, fish is considered to represent “health, prosperity and luck”. In particular, the fish named Try Kantrop is considered extremely lucky. This fish has inspired the treatment of anemia in Cambodia. When Dr. Christopher Charles of Canada came to Cambodia, he noticed the importance of Try Kantrop fish with the country’s culture, and people here often suffered from anemia due to iron deficiency. That made him come up with the idea of ​​creating an iron fish to cook with food, to supplement iron for the diet. Today this fish is called “lucky iron fish” and is still used to provide temporary iron for the human body in developing countries.

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