The Woman Fainted Suddenly Because Of High-Heeled Shoes

A woman’s family name was Cao, 27-year-old woman in China. She was healthy, but one day she suddenly fainted at home. After arriving at the hospital to check, the doctor was surprised to discover that the main cause was high-heeled shoes.

Ms. Cao was a woman who loves fashion and especially loves to wear high-heeled shoes. Recently, she had bought a pair of new high-heeled shoes and was excited to wear it. When she returned home, Ms. Cao discovered that her right heel was scratched. Two days later, Ms. Cao tried to withstand the pain and continued to wear the shoes. The more she moved, the more painful her right heel was, the wound was swollen and festered, so she did not wear those shoes anymore..

On June 17th, Ms. Cao’s right heel condition was more serious. She felt anxious and her gut said that this was abnormalities, Ms. Gao decided to go to hospital for a test, but just a few steps, Ms.Cao had fainted in the living room. After that, Ms. Cao was taken to Changsha Central Hospital for emergency.

Central Hospital’s surgeon – Thu Quoc Luong said Ms. Cao was diagnosed with cellulitis. It was known to be an inflammatory, acute inflammation of the connective tissue and subcutaneous tissue that causes pain, inflammation of the red, swelling of the skin lesions. Cellulitis can be caused by populations of bacteria on the skin or by bacteria in the skin lesions such as scratches, cuts, bites … The most common cellulitis is the skin on the face, legs and any skin area of ​​the body. Signs are local swelling, burning, hot, if it is not treated in time, it can spread quickly. In severe cases, patients may develop symptoms such as chills, fatigue, dizziness, fever, general weakness, even life threatening.

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In Ms. Cao’s case, Dr. Thu added, because Ms. Cao did not treat the wound from the beginning, so by the time the infection became worse and it spread throughout her body. At present, Ms. Cao’s situation is gradually stabilizing.

Doctors recommend that although women’s beauty is important, their health is more important, so choose high-heeled shoes that you feel comfortable when wearing. If your heel is accidentally scratched, you must treat in time to avoid encountering unfortunate case like Ms. Cao.

An orthopedic surgeon, deputy director of the Guangdong People’s Hospital – Tieu Tien reminds, besides cellulitis, women also suffer from crooked toes caused by high-heeled shoes. The proportion of women with this disease is up to 50%.

Symptoms of the crooked toes are swelling in the big toe joint, causing pain, discomfort, limitation of thumb movement, and difficulty in moving. If it is not treated promptly, crooked toes can cause many complications such as bursitis, hammertoe or foot pain. The reason of women with greater crooked toes than men, especially when they wear high-heeled shoes, which results in excessive weight on the toes and diseases.

Although wearing high-heeled shoes will be very beautiful, health is more important, women note this.

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