The Time Periods You Should Not Have A Drink

Water is essential for the body, but having a drink in the wrong way can lead to unpredictable harms.

According to nutrition experts, the amount of water needed per day is not 2 liters of water, but this depends on the adaptability of each person. Your body is the most reliable measure of the amount of water needed for every day.

Drinking more or less will depend on sexual factors; external environment (temperature, humidity, weather, pollution, etc); frequency of activity, diet and pace of life will significantly affect the body’s need for water absorption.

Here are the time periods you should not have a drink because it will make your body worse:

the time should not drink

Drink plenty of water even when you are not thirsty for water

Thirsty for water is a warning sign that your body needs water. However, if drinking water constantly, even if not thirsty, is very harmful to health. Because, when having a dink too much, the level of sodium in the blood will be abnormally low, causing hyponatremia. It can cause nausea, vomiting, convulsions and even coma, and if it is not treated promptly, the mortality can happen a few hours.

Hyponatremia is not fatal, but it can be very harmful to the liver, kidneys, heart, or pituitary gland.

Having a drink before going to bed

You should avoid getting some water before bedtime for two following reasons. Firstly, this habit can cause you to wake up to go to the toilet, interrupting your time and sleeping quality. Secondly, compared with the daytime, kidneys work slower at night, so it is easy for you to make get your face or feetĀ  more swollen when waking up. It is the best time for you to have a drink two hours from your bedtime.

Having a drink during your heavy exercise

When you are in heavy exercise, body temperature is in high increase, creating a burning sensation. However, it is remembered that you do not rush to get plenty of water for cooling because you will face with the risk of electrolyte disturbances with symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness. In addition, it is also dangerous for people with their heart disease. In fact, the United States has reported a case of death from getting too much water during exercise.

Drinking a lots when light colored urine

The urine is light or transparent, warning that you are drinking a lots. This time, it is advisable for you to cut down on the amount of water taken into your body and not drink any more.

In addition, the light coloredĀ  urine may also be a sign of dyspnea. So, if you are thirsty, urinate, light colored urine… you had better go to the hospital to check your health status.

Having a drink water when eating spicy food

Many people have a taste for spicy food, but the wrong habit is to get some water immediately when eating spicy food because they think that cold drink will reduce the spicy feelings, the tongue will burn out and escape the spicy feeling in the mouth. However, studies prove that this is a misconception. Instead of having a drink, please choose to drink milk or other liquid to reduce the feeling of discomfort.

Drinking immediately before, during and after your meals

According to experts, the best time to get some water is before or after your meals for at least 30 minutes. Drinking immediately before your meals makes you full in your stomach, reduced food, indigestion. Drinking at your meals leads to less salivation, making the food harder to break down in the body and this can become toxic even when eating healthy food. Drinking immediately after your meals dilutes digestive system, making the food more indigestible, losing more energy.

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