The Six Parts Of The Human Body Are Most Likely To Get Cancer

According to experts, cancer can “visit” in any one of us. Among the “soft” parts that are most susceptible to get cancer you need to pay attention as follows


This is an organ belonging to the respiratory system, the most vulnerable. The lungs are affected by the living environment, and your daily activities.

Lung cancer is the most common disease, especially among men. According to statistics, up to 90% of patients with lung cancer are related to tobacco.

In addition to tobacco, the impact of living environment is also a big cause for lung cancer. Dust, environmental pollution, toxic chemicals also have a big impact on your lungs.

Therefore, use protective clothing when exposed to dusty environments, non-smoking, take away from smoking areas to protect your lungs.


This is the second part which is the most susceptible to get cancer in human body. Liver cancer is among the top eight most common cancer in the world.

Liver cancer is an early disease that has many factors that can arise like sex, age, genetics. Normally, men are more likely to have this disease than women.

The special diet for men is to use alcohol than women with many times.

Accordingly, this is the habit of “eating and drinking”, consuming many greasy, baked and fried foods. This is a favorable condition for liver cancer to develop through eating.


Breast cancer is the most common disease in women. However, men are no exception.

Using high fat, being stressful, staying up late at night too much, eating many foods with high calorie, being late in childbirth, no baby birth… are factors that increase the risk of breast cancer you need to pay attention and remove.



Its duty is to resolve and digest the food. The food has a direct effect on the stomach. Therefore, eating factor is the main reason leading to stomach cancer.

Smoked foods, salted foods, salted foods, greasy foods, canned goods, spicy foods, spicy food, etc.

In addition, alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks… are also foods that do not have a bad impact on the stomach, frequent eating and drinking in large quantities will increase the risk of stomach cancer for you.

Esophagus, palate, tongue

The disease is on the rise, especially in men. There are many factors that can lead to esophageal cancer. Smoking and using alcohol are the two most important factors.

There are also factors such as age, diet, hygiene of oral cavity are not good, with some diseases of the oral cavity, especially those who have been infected with HPV virus, the risk of nasopharyngeal and tongue cancer is very high.


According to the International Cancer Institute in 2010, more than 80,000 cases were found. Of those, 43,000 had just had pancreatic cancer and nearly 37,000 had failed.

Patients with pancreatic cancer aged 55-64 account for about 20%. This proves that age is also a high factor that can cause pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer is more prevalent in men, especially people with alcohol and tobacco are 2-3 times more likely to develop the disease.

In addition, patients with diabetes are included in the list of subjects prone to pancreatic cancer.

How to prevent cancer?

Keep your body healthy, not harm the body organs in the body and facilitate the development of cancer, you should have healthy diet.


  • Do not eat hot spicy foods, stimulants…
  • Limit fatty foods, fats, smoked foods, fried foods, baked goods…
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol…
  • Enhance eating green vegetables, fruits, vitamin supplements, foods that have anti-cancer effects.
  • Frequent detoxification, purifying the body.


  • Planned work and study; reasonable rest.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Avoid stress, fatigue…
  • Not stay up late, work in a healthy environment.
  • Stay away from polluted environment, smoke and dust.
  • Use protective clothing when exposed to chemicals, dust, etc.
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