The Simplest Ways To Get Rid Of Toxins From Your Body

Getting rid of toxins from the body is to help to eliminate toxins that have accumulated in the body for a long time by resting, cleansing and nourishing the body with healthy nutrients. Body detox helps you avoid illness, maintain the best health.

Limit sugar

The more sugar you eat, the more you force your body to release more insulin, making the pancreas work harder, leading to more fatigue and drowsiness. The habit of eating a lot of sugar and sweets in the long run will make you feel tired, more likely to have diabetes, have a higher risk of cancer as well as directly related to weight gain.

Start the day with water

Make a habit every morning when you wake up, drink a cup of water and squeeze lemon juice. Lemon helps to replenish the amount of water lost during sleep and stimulates digestion, making your body quickly release toxins that accumulate overnight in the body.


Regular exercise stimulates blood circulation and the functioning of the lymphatic system. In addition, regular physical activity, at least 30 minutes a day, stimulates digestion, relieves stress, lubricates joints and helps the body become healthier. Scientists have concluded that people who doing exercise regularly have less toxin in their bodies than those who are lazy.

Drink lots of tea

Tea (green tea, black tea, fruit tea, etc.) contains a lot of antioxidants, helps to moisturize the body and create a feeling of fullness. This will limit you to eating more and eating unhealthy things. Remember that the caffeine in tea is different from caffeine in coffee. Caffeine in tea is less harsh and less irritating than after drinking coffee.

Organic diet

The Simplest Ways To Get Rid Of Toxins

A healthy diet is to eat a variety of colorful vegetables and fruits along with coarse grains, beans, legumes, some peanuts and nuts (sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds). You should eat a lot of plant-based foods instead of processed foods that have few essential nutrients. In particular, you should eat a lot of dark vegetables because they contain very few calories but are full of essential nutrients for the body.

  • Lemon: Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is a super detergent for body scum. Regularly drink lemonade so that the toxins are dissolved into the water and from there can quickly escape.
  • Wood ear: Wood ear has a lot of fiber and plant glue, so it is possible to bind toxic substances and then expel them through the gastrointestinal tract or urinary tract. In addition, there are a number of substances in the wood ear that cause chemical reactions to wear away objects or stones that accumulate in the body, so it is listed as a very good detoxifying food group.
  • Green beans: Green beans are cool, help to detoxify heavy metals and other toxins in the body, speed up the metabolism, causing toxic substances to be thrown out.
  • Garlic: The substances in garlic help you detoxify heavy metals like mercury and lead, which are often found in many food additives. These metals, if accumulated a lot and long in the liver, cause liver damage, increase the risk of liver cancer.
  • Celery: Celery contains a lot of cellulose, which can promote intestinal motility, discharge of toxins in the stool. It is also capable of dialysis because the essential oils in this food have very strong antibacterial properties.
  • Carrots: Carrots contain a lot of carotine, so they can release toxins. The fresher the carrot is, the stronger the detoxification ability is. You can use carrot juice mixed with honey to increase flavor and detoxification ability.

Deal with environmental pollutants

Always remember that allergens and environmental pollutants are always around you. These substances are in the air we breathe and can cause allergies to you (like red eyes, swelling, heavy faces). Dr. Stork advises you to regularly blow your nose so that not only will you directly remove the toxins you inhale, but also help you breathe easier.


When the body sweats, the toxins are also pushed out, so sweating is one of the most effective ways to eliminate toxins. For a long time, the steam to eliminate toxins has been applied in many countries around the world and brought many amazing results.

Remove dead skin

Using a brush and massage oils to remove dead skin will help you eliminate toxins on the skin surface and stimulate the whole blood circulation.

Enhance eating green vegetables

Vitamins and minerals in green vegetables will create a healthy environment that helps the body naturally discharge toxins. In addition, some vegetables are rich in sulfur which helps the body absorb protein and purify the blood. At the same time, the antioxidants in vegetables also help to neutralize toxins and enhance liver function. Therefore, adding plenty of vegetables to meals is an effective way to excrete toxins, especially to give you healthier skin.

Add ginger in the diet

Ginger is a food that has long been present in traditional medicinal remedies. However, in addition to the therapeutic use, ginger is also effective in eliminating toxic body. Ginger works to purify toxins by stimulating digestion and promoting better blood circulation. In addition, ginger helps the colon and liver remove toxins.

Since then, adding ginger to regular dishes is also a good way to remove toxins in the body. In particular, you can also drink hot ginger juice every day which is also an effective detoxification method.

Maintain healthy habits

Avoid stress, go out at least once a day … these are effective but extremely simple detoxification methods. Avoiding stress will help the body prevent toxin formation and maintain the activity of enzymes that detoxify the liver. Regular out-going helps to remove residues, toxins from the intestinal tract, avoiding being poisoned right from the inside.

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