The Side Effects Of The Bitter Melon You Should Know

Bitter melon is a rich medicinal product, considered as the “pharmacist” of health and skin. However, the side effects the biter melon gives us is not small. 

Excellent benefits of bitter melon

bitter melon benefits

For health

Bitter melon has a bitter taste, but it is very good for your health and is popular because of its effect on health and skin.

Bitter melon contains many vitamins and minerals such as protein, lipid, carbon hidrat, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron…

The amount of vitamin C in bitter melon helps to increase the body’s resistance, anti-inflammatory, prevent and destroy cancer cells.

Reduces blood sugar, so it is used to treat diabetes very effectively.

The digestive system is improved if you eat bitter melon regularly. In addition, bitter melon also helps diuretic, blood supply, blood circulation, stabilizes the heart rate in the best way.

Bitter melon for beauty

The skin is smooth, no acne due to bitter melon as well as use bitter melon juice to drink every day, make bitter melon mask with chicken eggs for acne treatment very well.

Bitter melon also helps to heal the armpit, lose weight, helps shape slim, detoxify the healthy body more.

The side effects of the bitter melon you need to know

bitter melon side effects

Increase liver enzymes

Eating too much bitter melon will increase liver enzymes, altering the appearance of liver cells. Besides, it also contains venine that causes headaches, abdominal pain and coma.

If you eat bitter melons planted in areas contaminated with heavy metals will lead to poisoning, damage to the liver.

Not conducive to the development of children

In addition to the beneficial nutrients to your health, harmful toxins also exist in bitter melon.

If the children eat bitter melon too early, the digestive system of children will not be able to absorb nutrients and excrete toxins from bitter melon.

Therefore, the mothers should limit their children to eat the dishes made from bitter melon.

Restrict the ability to conceive

One study concluded that bitter melon reduces the possibility of conception in animals.

It is because bitter melon contains a protein that is active against fertility in male mice, causes haemorrhage in female mice and reduces sperm production in male dogs when they drink 1.7 g water of bitter melon/day.

Cause hemolytic anemia

Eating bitter melon can cause anemia with common symptoms including dizziness, headache, coma, abdominal pain, fever. 

People who should not eat bitter melon? 

Women want to become pregnant and are pregnant

As mentioned above, bitter melon has a negative impact on fertility and fetus. Therefore, women who are looking forward to having children or pregnant should stay away from the bitter melon dish.

People with liver and kidney diseases

Bitter melon can cause elevated liver enzymes, affecting the kidneys because the liver is difficult to eliminate these substances. So people with liver and kidney diseases should not eat bitter melon.

People with digestive diseases

Bitter melon has the effect of increasing gastrointestinal secretion, helping the digestive system better, but if people with digestive diseases, their digestive system is weak, the active ingredients in bitter melon will combine to create “out of control” and cause diarrhea, dysentery, gastrointestinal diseases.

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