The Mother Is Eagerly Pursuing Her Career, Her Children Are Prone To Be With Heart Diseases

Researchers have just warned that boys born from older women are more likely to be with heart problems later.

It is now known that delaying motherhood wil increase the risk of complications during pregnancy.

Now, scientists have found that the career preference trend before getting married can have a greater impact on future generations than something people are still feared.

In the experiments of the research team at University of Alberta, Canada, male rats born by older female mice – equivalent to the age of a 35-year-old woman have weakened heart and blood vessels.

This demonstrates that delaying motherhood makes children more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases as they are adults, according to the research team.

“This study is important because it improves our understanding of the effects of having children at an older age,” said Professor Sandra Davidge of the research team.

In future studies, the team will consider whether this is true for humans or not. Professor Davidge said that they would pay special attention to the role of the placenta. Now, more and more women are delaying their garnering progeny, the main reason is often to focus on their careers.

In the UK, the number of older mothers is rising, with the average age of women who are the first time childbirth being 28.6 compared to 23.5 in 1970. The proportion of mothers over 40 years old has increased from 4.9/1000 in 1984 to 14.7/1.000 in 2014.

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