The Guide For Children To Eat Yogurt Properly

In addition to the addition of nutrients, yogurt also has the ability to prevent some intestinal diseases, to add acid to gastric juice, helping to digest the food easier. But not everyone knows the time when you give yogurt for children and how much they should eat.

Many nutrients, easy to absorb

Guide For Children To Eat Yogurt Properly

In the yogurt ingredients, the protein, fat available in the yogurt has been partially digested, shortening the absorption time in the digestive system. Lactose is fermented easily absorbed, reducing the amount of sugar left in the digestive system to avoid diarrhea, which helps the body absorb calcium and other minerals more easily.

Yogurt has a remarkable nutritional value: 100g of yogurt contains about 100Kcal (about half a bowl of rice or 2 green bananas), sugar (15.4g), protein (3.1g) fat (3g), calcium and some vitamins. Some types of yogurt also add DHA (long chain unsaturated fats) to help to brighten the eyes and increase mental development index…

When to use yogurt for children?

Start to give yogurt for your baby when the baby is 6 months old. Choosing yogurt whole cream for your baby is the best because your baby needs fat to grow properly, depending on the age, the amount of yogurt delivered for the body is different as follows

  • 6 – 10 months old: 50g/day.
  • 1-2 years old: 80g/day.
  • Over 2 years old: 100g/day.

Notes on using yogurt for children

Distinguish categories clearly: Currently, yogurt in form of liquid are being sold widely on the market. The main ingredients of this yogurt are cow’s milk or milk powder, sour acid, lemon or apple acid, flavoring, preservatives. But these are less nutritious, so choose wisely before you buy.

Use it after meals: The beneficial bacteria in yogurt survive at pH condition greater than or equal to 5.4, when hungry, the pH in the stomach is just 2, the beneficial bacteria in yogurt will be destroyed, reduce the effect on the body.

After eating, the stomach contract, the pH can increase from 3 to 5, this is the ideal condition for the beneficial bacteria in yogurt to work.

Rinse mouth immediately after eating: Because the beneficial bacteria in yogurt are very active, it is also very easy to damage the enamel, especially the baby teeth. So, the children should rinse their mouth after eating.

Do not use yogurt at hot state: When the yogurt is hot or add hot water to yogurt, the beneficial bacteria in yogurt will lose functionality. Thus, yogurt will lose nutrients and the ability to stimulate digestion, also significantly reduced.

Do not use with medicines: The substances found in antibiotics, or drugs containing sulfur amines can also disrupt or destroy beneficial bacteria in yogurt.

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