The Great Beneficial Effects Of Cabbage

As a popular vegetable in the autumn – winter, cabbage is not only of high nutritional value, but also cures many diseases.

Cabbage contains much higher vitamins than other vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, onions. According to the study, the levels of vitamin A and vitamin P in cabbage combined each other to form a more stable blood vessel. Cabbage also contains anti-cancer substances such as Sulforaphane, phenethyl isothiocyanate and Indole-33 carbinol.


According to Oriental medicine, cabbage is sweet, cooling properties, non toxic, effect of blood syringe, cooling stomach, detoxification, diuretic. Cabbage also helps to prevent neurological depression, relieve pain, prevent cancer, heart disease and many other diseases.

Pain relief: Squeeze the cabbage to drink water, while the residue of cabbage is covered with pain, rheumatism, sciatica.

Relieve arthralgia, leg pain, lymph nodes: Take the leaves of cabbage leaf vein, heat and apply on the pain. Each place painfully covering 3 – 4 pieces of cabbage leaves, the outside using thick fabric pressure up and tied.

Treatment of cough with a lot of sputum: Use 80-100g of cabbage, half a liter of water, make decoction to 1/3, add honey to drink during the day, eat raw cabbage.

Diabetes: Cabbage has the effect of reducing glucid assimilation and reducing blood sugar. 100g daily to prevent and treat type 2 diabetes.

cabbage can treat diabetes

Cure gastric duodenal ulcer: Cabbage juice helps to heal ulcers,  especially peptic ulcers.

How to make cabbage juice: Remove each leaf of cabbage (take the green leaf outside), wash several times to clean. Douse quickly in hot water. Take them out to drain. Put in a clean mortar, pounded, get a cloth or clean gauze to filter its juice. 1kg cabbage can squeeze about 500ml of water.

Dosage: Each day squeeze 1,000ml of cabbage juice, divided into several times to drink, each time about 250ml instead of water, you can add sugar or salt. Every treatment is 2 months. Treatment with cabbage juice without complications, can be combined with other gastric and duodenal drugs.

In addition, the use of cabbage juice can cure sore throat, bronchitis, hoarseness, infection prevention, skin infections.

Note: Cooling people should use cabbage in combination with fresh ginger. The people who have constipation, less urine does not eat raw cabbage or sauerkraut that must be cooked.

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