The Causes Of Hair Loss And Treatment

The phenomenon of alopecia in both men and women is something that no one wants, causing you to lose confidence, affecting your work and life. Let’s find out how is considered to be alopecia, the causes of hair loss and how to overcome this disease.

Hairbrush or after washing your hair, you have a panic when you see that you lose your hair too much and you think that you have alopecia, so how is considered to be hair loss?

Normally, each person has about 100,000 hairs on the scalp. Every day, there will be about 30 -100 hair loss drops depending on the age, the rate of hair loss is proportional to the rate of hair growth, so the number of hairs on the head is almost maintained in the intact status. However, if you have the following signs, you may be suffering from hair loss: Hair loss with every day over 100 hairs, hair loss more when combing, no signs of hair growth, alopecia areata causing slight bald, new hair grows weak, soft, flabby and curly … Many people have applied treatment methods for hair loss, but they are not effective.

Here are the causes of hair loss and how to overcome this disease.

Due to excessive stress

According to American researchers, excessive stress is one of the causes of hair loss. Long-term stress can also cause the immune system to lose control, the leukocytes to attack the follicles, causing hair loss.

To overcome this, you need to have the psychological comfort, eat well, get enough sleep, create good habits and spirit to make your hair look better.

Constantly changing hairstyles

According to statistics, around the world, there are about 78% of people who have ever bent or dyed hair, of which 15% are done regularly. Constantly changing hairstyles can be due to work requirements or the needs for beauty needs of each individual. However, this has a great impact on the lipid layers and keratin scales in the epidermis of the hair, making them not tightly linked. This is the reason why the hair roots is dry, hair follicles shrink and cause hair loss.

Before thinking about changing the proper hair, you need to evaluate the health of your hair, whether your hair is weak or healthy. When you have the hair cut. At the same time, please choose a reputable product on the market, avoid the chemicals make your hair floating, unknown origin.

Hair loss due to fungal infection

Poor habits such as poor hygiene or wet hair to sleep through the night, infecting the germs from people with fungal infections…All these factors make the fungus grow and cause hair loss. First, it causes pruritus, dandruff and finally hair loss, and the number of hair loss will increase more if you do not treat it in time.

To end this situation, you should go to the medical facilities for timely treatment, absolutely not free to use fungicides or topical medicines because it can cause the make hair loss worse.

Inheritance from father to son

Genetic hair loss occurs only in men. When the father has baldness, the son will inherit it. Genetic baldness is considered one of the hardest to cure.

But do not be discouraged, early prevention and persistence of active treatment with hair supplements will slow down the process of hair loss and reduce the level of baldness.

Poor blood quality

More than 95% of hair nutrients come from the blood. This confirms that the hair is really healthy when it is fully provided nutrients from the blood vessels inside the body. Please add the necessary nutrients to your hair from the foods you eat everyday or hair supplements. Taking care of your hair from the outside by using hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, etc… will only keep your hair clean and shiny. To protect the hair and reduce hair loss, we must protect the hair from the inside.

Endocrine disorders

Hair also has signs of aging, or hormonal disorders. This is also reason why the hair is tangled, split, broken and turned to silver. These signs are most common in postpartum and menopause women or middle-aged men.

It is not possible to change the rules of aging as well as the motherhood, but you can still stretch the youth of the hair by ensuring the full nutritional supplement of vitamins and minerals to balance hormone in the body.

Eating with insufficient nutrients

The main component of the hair is 88% protein. These proteins are hard fibers, called keratin. Other components of the hair include: water, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals. In the absence of proteins and vitamins, the hair will be weakened and easily lost.

You need to have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals to fully absorb nutrients.

Using medication to treat the disease

Some drugs in addition to the treatment of the body, the components of these drugs can affect the growth cycle of the hair, causing hair loss such as anticoagulants, immunosuppressants, killers virus drug or neurological drugs …

You should look for methods to help your hair recover faster like scalp massages, using hair shampoos and supplementary herbal products (such as chamomile) to stimulate hair growth again.

Impairment of thyroid function

Thyroid hormones play an important role in the production of hormones, which help the metabolism take place throughout. Therefore, when the thyroid gland is weakened, the body will not be adequately supplied with hormones, interrupting the metabolism, causing hair loss.

In this case, the best way is to use thyroid medication, when your thyroid gland is back to normal, your hair will grow back.

Washing your hair improperly

It is not good for your hair to wash your hair too much or too little. If you wash your hair too much, the hair and scalp cannot balance the moisture, making your hair crunchy and easily lost. If you wash your hair less, you will cause the scalp to be blocked, making it soft and easy to lose. According to the experts, it is the best that you should wash your hair twice a week, and for thick hair and oily scalp, you can wash your hair three times a week. While washing your hair, you should do massage for your hair to stimulate capillary for hair growth.

Brushing your hair incorrectly

When combing your hair, you usually start at the root point and pull down to the top, making it easy to hurt your hair. Similarly when you brush your wet hair, this is the time when your hair is softest and weakest, combing hair also causes the phenomenon of hair loss.

Keep in mind that the direction of the comb must be brushed against the direction of the hair. Brushing your hair in the top and back should be lowered from the root of the hair, which will not damage the hair, stimulating the scalp to make hair grow faster and smoothly.

Understanding the causes of hair loss helps you to be active in nourishing, hair care as well as choosing appropriate remedies to have a healthy hair.

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