The Benefits Of Custard Apple For Pregnant Women

Is custard-apple good for pregnant women? The answer is that it would be good if eaten properly. Custard-apple is selected by many women during pregnancy because of their sweet, aromatic flavor and excellent health benefits. Please refer to the article below for information need to know, mommy!

Benefits Of Custard Apple For Pregnant Women

Eating custard apple during prenancy is very good

Benefits of custard-apple with pregnant women

Nutrition content in 100g of custard-apple as follows: 64kcal, 82.5gr water, 1.6g protein, 35mg calcium, 45mg phosphorus, 36mg vitamin C, and many B vitamins are good for pregnant women.

A pregnant woman eating custard- apple regularly can restrain morning sickness during the first few months of pregnancy, reducing nausea, dizziness, numbness and psychological adjustment. In addition, nutrition in custard- apple also stimulates active milk glands, increasing the source of breast milk after birth.

According to the study, the nutrition in custard- apple has the potential to reduce the risk of miscarriage and reduce the severity of pain during labor. More importantly, pregnant women eating custard- apple can improve their immune system, boost their protein, and help Omega-6 fatty acids support the development of the brain and nervous system. At the same time, it also provides other vitamins and minerals, helping your baby grow faster and healthier.

Custard- apple is also a good source of copper. If pregnant women eat a custard- apple per day, they will add about 1,000 micrograms of copper. Missing copper may increase the risk of preterm birth.

Vitamin A and vitamin C in custard- apple are important in the development of the eyes, skin, hair and blood of the fetus. Custard- apple does not contain cholesterol and saturated fats, so for pregnant women if they eat custard- apple regularly, they will also improve the weight in the right level without fearing of obesity.

How do pregnant woman eat custard- apple to make the most benefit?

Eating custard- apple properly should start with picking the medium ripe custard- apple. How is a delicious custard- apple? It is big round, big eyes, small white eyes, small stems, soft ripe, no black shell.

When eating custard- apple, mothers need to observe carefully to avoid eating maggots lying in the pods of custard- apple. Some other remarks when pregnant women eat custard- apple to avoid toxins:

  • No biting custard- apple’s seeds in the broken state: According to the food experts, you should not break custard- apple’s seeds because of the high toxicity, if you bites custard- apple’s seeds in broken status, the toxins in the custard- apple’s seeds is active, harmful to the body.
  • Do not eat custard- apple “too ripe”: For custard- apple, with has many white scabs, many cracks, there are signs of watery in these cracks, you should not eat. Especially custard- apples with dark eyes, uncomfortable taste will have maggots and bacteria.

custard apple

Side effects can occur when eating custard- apple

Ripe fruit has a special aroma, flesh is soft and fragrant, sweet, delicious, are popular with the effect of improving health, improving the body’s resistance. However, eating too much custard- apple may also have some side effects.

  • Acne and constipation: Pregnant women and many people think that custard- apple is “benign”. However, eating a lot of custard- apple cause heat to the body. Just a few custard- apples cause skin rashes for some people who are hot in the body. Even worse is that many people eat custard- apple, they will be constipated, acne… Pregnant women should note the state of the body, if they are in the hot state, they should not eat custard- apple too much.
  • Increase the sugar in blood: For people with diabetes, especially pregnant women with a history of gestational diabetes, should limit their intake of custard- apple because of their high sugar content.

In addition, according to Oriental Medicine, custard- apple is a warm fruit, sweet taste, pregnant women should not eat too much.

The question of whether the pregnant woman eating custard- apple was good or not good, this article will give more useful information

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