The 5 Biggest Running Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Jogging is a great way to keep fit and everyone can jog. We do not have to spend money going to the gym or buying expensive exercise machines to practice.

Although it is easy for everyone to exercise, runners must also be careful to avoid making some mistakes while running. Any sports have a learning route to get used to and slowly help the joggers to be healthy.

Here are the common mistakes that people start to run to avoid getting hurt.

Run too much at the beginning

One of the biggest mistakes for beginners is running too much. In the early jogging, we should try to run in a short distance and gradually increase the distance and intensity. This will help reducing the risk of injury while jogging. According to many sport experts, joggers can increase their running distance by 10% after a week.

Jogging without day off

Beginners always think that they need to run every day to be able to slim down and lose weight. However, this opposite opinion is not good for their health. Jogging is a powerful exercise activity that affects the whole body. Therefore, beginners may be unfamiliar in the beginning. They do not have to run every day. The body also needs a day to rest and adapt gradually.

Jogging without shoes

A proper running shoe will help us to run more comfortable. Before buying shoes, we should carefully study which shoes are suitable for us.

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Still continue running even though you are painfully

It’s a bit annoying when we start jogging because our body is not used to doing this. When we feel pain while running, we need to stop to cure this pain. Remember that: Always listen to your body when we run. We should not jog when we have a pain.

Compare with others

When we start running, we should not compare the distance we run with other people. We simply like to run and practice this hobby slowly.

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