Tachycardia Causes And How To Overcome Tachycardia

Tachycardia is a common disease when climbing stairs, operating powerfully, panic, anxiety or fear… Here are some causes of this disease and how to overcome this disease.

What is the tachycardia?

Tachycardia is a disease that mentions about the heart rate higher than normal. Infants older than 10 years and adults with a heartbeat from 60 to less than 100 beats per minute are considered being normal. To know the heartbeat to be rapid or normal, the heart rate is measured when lying down and rest. Heartbeat is higher than normal, called tachycardia, or fast sinus rhythm.

Overcome Tachycardia

Causes of tachycardia

Healthy heart usually receives good blood to the organs in the body, with a minimum heart rate. In contrast, if the heart is weak, it is forced to work more diligently, beat faster for sufficient blood supply, resulting in increased heart rate. So, just be sure to hear the heartbeat to know heart health. Causes of increased heart rate are very diverse including the following reasons:

– Long-term hypertension.

– Heart valves are functioning improperly.

– Blood circulation is having some problems

– Pericarditis, cardiac pouches.

– Myocarditis.

– Coronary heart disease

– The heart pacemaker works poorly.

–  Inadequate supply of oxygen to the heart muscle.

– Have a thyroid disorder.

– Have blood disorders, such as blood clots.

– Defective heart chambers.

– Have heart attack sometimes or more times.

– Inadequate diet or too much salt.

– Electrolyte imbalance.

– Lung disease, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Poor lung tissue resilience, affecting the function of the heart.

Temporary tachycardia can be caused by the following reasons:

– Lack of vitamins.

– Anemia.

– Use some medication.

– Use some medication, use overdose supplements

– Over stress, fear, anxiety.

– Infections, high fever.

– Eating too much, abuse of stimulants such as tea, coffee, tobacco…

– Excessive effort, such as climbing, carrying heavy loads.

How to overcome Tachycardia?

There are many treatments for tachycardia, but first of all, you have to know its cause clearly. Once you know the cause without prompt treatment can lead to heart disease due to hypoxemia, heart muscle cells are destroyed, causing spasm, ischemia. During treatment, the doctor usually prescribes antiarrhythmics, blood thinners or other heart rate medications. Sometimes, even light electrical shock therapy is used to restore cardiac function. Patients can inform the doctor about the diseases and drugs they are using so that the doctor can determine the specific medicine and treatment, and the diseases they are suffering such as hypertension, disease thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus…In addition to using some medication, patients should change their lifestyle and menu accordingly, avoid using foods, drinks which can cause increased heart rate, abuse of alcohol, tobacco, tonic, strengthen the practice of fat reduction, apply stress reduction therapies such as: meditation, yoga, walking, swimming, communication therapy, strengthening exchanges, exhale the community to make your life more meaningful, healthy living to ultimately reduce heart rate and limit heart disease.

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