Sweating A Lot: What Is The Disease?

Sweating is the normal excretion of the body, but if you sweat more than usual, beware of the following two diseases. Early detection for treatment is needed. 

sweating a lot

Is sweating a lot dangerous?

Sweating is a normal manifestation of human metabolism, basically everyone can sweat in many different conditions, some people sweat a lot in the summer, but also there is a sweat in the winter weather. In winter, the rate of sweat is usually less due to cold weather, less exercise. However, in some people, the body has weakened or the kidneys are weakened, so it may still be sweating more or less in the cold season.

Some people, regardless of summer or winter, have a symptom of sweating while eating, does this have any problems?

According to health experts on the Family Doctor Channel (China), sweating is a normal secretion of the body, which in some respects has good health benefits. In the process of sweating, the body will increase excretion. However, if sweating while eating is beneficial? Please refer to the following important information.

In fact, if you sweat more than the average person, then surely it cannot be normal. Some people experience symptoms of sweating during meals or during periods of stress, doctors call hyperhidrosis – sweating a lot.

Sweating a lot (hyperhidrosis) is considered a kind of illness, when the body feels uncomfortable, sweating will arise, so if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, or your loved ones have this symptom,  be careful that it is a disease that needs any treatments.

Causes of hyperhidrosis

Low blood sugar

Low blood sugar, hypoglycemia or low blood glucose levels is also a common disease with many people.

In fact, people who have a habit of not having breakfast in the long time can also lead to low blood sugar. Although this is a mild form of disease, because the blood sugar level is low, it is only temporary, if added immediately after that, the blood glucose level backs to normal.

Low blood sugar occurs mainly in people who are physically weak, have insufficient blood, pale skin and face. In this case, they are very susceptible to sweating a lot, the body lacks vitality, breathe in the tired status.

In cases the blood sugar levels drop too low, it can lead to dizziness and fainting. If you are in this group, be sure to bring along a small amount of sweets or chocolates when you feel that your body is not healthy or in a state of inadequacy, you should eat sweets immediately. After eating, dizziness and hypoglycemia will decrease.


Hyperthyroidism is a common thyroid disease, mainly caused by thyroid hormone disorders. Its main characteristic is heat intolerance, sweating, and extreme discomfort, mood swings, unstable mood, insomnia, poor mental state, affecting your work and life.

Sweating is the normal secretion of the body during metabolism, but if you sweat a lot, especially sweating while eating, both summer and winter, then you are careful.

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