Sore Throat Should Be Sucked?

Sore throat accompanied by feeling entangled in swallowing is a symptom of sore throat. This sore throat make the patient feel uncomfortable. The feeling of burning pain affects the work, the eating of the sick.

Sore Throat Should Be Sucked?

Sore throat if not treated in time can lead to chronic affects the work and life of patients. Therefore, see your doctor as soon as symptoms of sore throat, pain when swallowing. In addition to arriving at medical facilities for prompt examination and treatment, patients may be able to take several measures to reduce the feeling of burning in the throat.

Sucking and gargling salt water

Salt water is extremely strong antiseptic, so it is capable of destroying bacteria and cleaning the oral cavity. We should use salt water to rinse regularly after brushing, after eating to prevent sore throat. In addition, salt water also has certain effects in helping to relieve sore throat and cure sore throats.

Sucking licorice to cure sore throat

Sucking licorice helps to relieve the pain in the throat. According to oriental medicine, Licorice has effective heat, detoxification, antimicrobial and soothing sore throat very effectively. In particular, liquorice is very safe for patients. When being sore throat, swallow hard, let’s suck and chew some liquorice to drip slowly down the throat, relieving sore throat.

Sucking ginger and honey to soothe the throat

These two natural herbs have the ability to kill bacteria and anti-inflammatory very effectively. Honey helps to relieve the pain in the throat, healing the throat pain effectively.

Apply a small crushed ginger or crushed with honey. Sucking a mixture of honey and ginger and swallowing slowly will help to relieve the symptoms of sore throat quickly

Sucking fresh lemon

Fresh lemon has a good antiseptic effect. Fresh lemon contains citric acid and vitamin C with antiseptic effect into your throat, cleanse the nasopharynx in the throat, improve the sense of pain in the throat caused by sore throat. We can drink fresh lemon juice or sliced ​​with salt and chew and swallow daily to treat sore throats.

The above measures only work to reduce the pain and discomfort caused by sore throat. To cure sore throat, patients need to go to specialized otolaryngology or polyclinics to provide the most appropriate and effective treatment.

Maintain oral hygiene, gargle with salt water daily, regularly wear a mask when going out, do not change the environment suddenly, need to dry the body after bathing… will help reduce the risk of causing sore throat.

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