Sleeping Without Pillow: Surprising Benefits!

Sleeping using pillow is the habit of many people. However, try sleeping without pillows to feel the following health benefits.

sleeping without pillow

Good for the spine

If you are suffering from back pain, it is best way not to use a pillow when sleeping. It is because this helps the back to be naturally shaped when sleeping.

Good for neck

The main cause of pain in the shoulder and back is caused by a pillow. Therefore, sleeping without pillow helps to produce much better blood circulation in the neck, preventing neck pain.

Good for facial skin

During your sleep, you tend to turn left, turn right or face down on the pillow, this habit is the main cause of wrinkles. Therefore, to prevent the formation of facial wrinkles, it is best to sleep without pillow.

Sleeping without pillow

Good for sleep

Health experts say that unsuitable sleep with putting the pillow behind the head will prevent sleep quality. However, if you sleep without pillow, you tend to be more comfortable, thus improving your sleep quality.

How to build the habit of sleeping without pillow?

Sleeping without pillow is quite difficult for some people. Follow these steps, you will be able to form this habit. Sleeping without pillow cannot be applied immediately because this sudden change can make you feel very uncomfortable and cause difficulty in sleeping.

– Use a folding towel like a pillow for the first weeks. This folding towel has the height as the pillow’s one you used.

– In the following weeks, lower the towel and eventually you will get used to sleeping without pillow.

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