Sleeping Too Much Is More Harmful Than Lack Of Sleep

Sleeping more than 10 hours a day increases the risk of early death from heart disease, stroke and diabetes by up to 40% in women.

The research team of the Seoul National University (Korea) analyzed that sleeping habits and health data of 133,608 adults from40 to 69 years of age.

Results showed that in men, 11% people sleeping less than 6 hours a day and 1.5% people sleeping more than 10 hours. This proportion corresponding to women is 13%  and 1.7%.

Less sleep leads to health declines, stress-related diseases, cardiovascular diseases, etc…This has been proven by many studies. However, this study shows that sleeping more is even more harmful: if you spend more than 10 hours in your bed each day, the risk of early death increases to 28% in men and 40% in women.

These premature deaths are due to heart disease, stroke, diabetes type 2.

Meanwhile, the risk of premature death for these three reasons will increase by 12% in men if they sleep less than 6 hours. Women seem to be more fortunate if they lack sleep: scientists do not find a significant increase in risk for these three health problems.

The biggest risk for women who sleep less than six hours is that they are more likely to get fat in middle age.

Sleeping time is thought to affect hormones related to appetite, calorie intake and energy use. Sleeping too much or too little disrupts these systems, leading to diseases and catastrophes mentioned above.

“In order to improve overall health, adults should sleep from seven to eight hours per night,” said the author Claire Kim.

The research has just been published in science magazine BMC Public Health

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