Sleeping Posture For People With Back Pain, Neck Pain, High Blood Pressure

Problems of health such as shoulder pain, back pain or sinusitis, dyspepsia… make you sleepless. The following sleeping postures will help you significantly improve your health problems so that you can sink into a deep sleep easily.

Back pain

You can place your pillow under your feet to restore natural curves and relieve tension for your spine. If you get used to being upside down, you should put a pillow under your stomach and pelvis to keep your back from moving.

Shoulder pain

You should lie on the side of the shoulder without pain. For example, if you are left shoulder pain, you are right side up and vice versa. In addition, you had better pull up your legs a little and hold a pillow in front of your chest or put the pillow between your knees.

If you have the pain in both shoulders, you should lie on your back and stretch the arm comfortably to the side.

Neck pain

Lie on your back with a pillow under your head and a pillow under each arm will help relieve neck pain while you are sleeping. In case you want to lie on your side, choose a pillow that is no more than 15 cm high and its width to your shoulder to help keep your neck in position.

High blood pressure

A report from School of Medicine belonging to University of Ehime found that sleeping postures affect blood pressure. Lying down when sleeping will significantly reduce the condition of high blood pressure.


Laying on your left is a good sleeping posture for people with digestive problems. The stomach is located to the left in the human body, so when you lay on your left, this will improve the digestive process distinctly.


According to research from Harvard Medical School, people with sinusitis should sleep with your head which is lifted  up to prevent condensation from accumulating in the sinus.

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