Six Unexpected Signs Of Heart Disease

Even if you exercise a healthy lifestyle, eat well and exercise regularly, you are likely to have heart disease. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the early signs of the disease.

Healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of heart disease and not eliminate it completely. Signs of common heart disease are frequent heart attacks, high blood pressure, chest pain.

But there are other signs of silence as well as dangerous symptoms of the heart, including:


cough may be sign of disease

This cough due to heart disease is different from cough due to colds. This coughing bout is severe and lasts for several weeks. If you have these symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately. Congestive heart failure can cause fluid accumulation in the lungs, wheezing and prolonged cough.


Arrhythmia causes abnormal heart rhythms, which affect blood flow to the brain. Just like feeling drunk, dizziness happens when sitting for a long time, then suddenly stand up, this condition can cause dizziness, loss of consciousness, even fainting.

heart disease signs

Erectile dysfunction

There are many reasons that affect men’s “brains”. In particular, the level of blood circulation is important. An inefficient heart muscle can cause erectile dysfunction.

In fact, erectile dysfunction is usually the first sign of a heart problem. It usually appears before other symptoms for about 2 years.


When a heart attack is near, you often have a feeling of weakness, even if you have adequate rest. This feeling is very different from the tiredness after a long working day. Feeling tired of heart disease is often more serious and persistent.

Lose the hair of the feet

Hair needs a constant source of nutrients from the blood to grow. If the heart has problems and does not pump enough blood to supply nutrients to the legs, the hair of the feet will stop growing. The symptom of this is hair loss. These abnormalities will appear leg hair of the leg in the first because it is the most distant place from the heart. After the hair, the hair will be similar.

The swelled leg

This swelling is different from swelling when injured. Swelling due to the heart disease is usually more serious, causing the legs to swell. It is caused by the accumulation of blood in the vein, causing blood to flow not be normal.

Here are six “unexpected” symptoms that warn you of heart disease. So, do not ignore the small expression on your body to take measures to “rescue” the body in time, avoid the risk of complications arise.

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