Six Reasons To Take Vitamin E And How To Take Vitamin E Properly

Vitamin E is particularly beneficial to women because it rejuvenates the skin, prevents you from aging and oxidation. However, do you know how to use and take vitamin e properly?

Vitamin E helps your skin be smooth

For women, Vitamin E plays an important role not only in beauty but also in health. The full presence of vitamin E in the body helps to have a smooth, youthful skin and less wrinkles. Lack of vitamin E, skin will be dried, wrinkled, your hair is easily broken. Therefore, in cosmetics products for the skin, hair, vitamin E is introduced by manufacturers as a factor to attract the attention of women to increase sales because every woman want to have a silky hair, smooth skin, not to keep the mark of age.

For women during pregnancy, taking vitamin E facilitates the pregnancy and fetal development. Vitamin E deficiency during pregnancy can cause the less developed uterus in the female fetus, and testicular atrophy in the male fetus. In particular, thanks to reducing the free radicals in the body, vitamin E can also reduce the rate of miscarriage or premature birth.

“What are the benefits of vitamin E? Should vitamin E be taken?” For women of menopause, some studies have shown that vitamin E has the effect of relieving symptoms of flushing and some other nuisances such as menstrual disorders. With adolescent girls, Vitamin E can relieve dysmenorrhea symptoms.

vitamin e good for skin

What foods contain high levels of vitamin E?

Vitamin E has two forms: natural and synthetic forms. Natural Vitamin E is most commonly found in vegetable oils that the top of the table include wheat germ oil, followed by sunflower oil. In addition, vitamin E is found in many types of sprouts such as bean sprouts, rice germ and less content in foods such as green vegetables, meat, fatty fish, eggs, milk.

foods high containing vitamin E

Daily diets that meet the body’s vitamin E needs?

The adult’s need for vitamin E supplement is about 15mg per day. If you eat a normal diet with vegetable oils, green vegetables, ensuring enough vitamin E demand is not difficult. For special cases such as pregnant women, cancer patients, people with heart disease, people with skin dryness need to strengthen vitamin E.

How do you eat to absorb vitamin E the best?

Vitamin E belongs to the group of fat soluble vitamins (lipids), absorption of vitamin E is carried out in the middle part of the small intestine, is closely related to the digestive process of fat and needs to have bile salt and lipase enzyme of the pancreas absorbed at the same time with fat to the circulation system by the lymphatic drainage. Therefore, to absorb vitamin E, the diet must have enough grease. We know that in the bean sprout there is a lot of vitamin E, but if you eat only the raw bean sprout, the ability to absorb vitamin E will be very poor, but if you mix the raw bean sprout with oil (as mixed salads), vitamin E will be absorbed more. In addition, the oil itself is also a source of vitamin E, or eat fried bean sprout, but through cooked, vitamin E content will be lost about 20%.

Should you supplement vitamin E daily?

Vitamin E is good for the body but if used (high doses, prolonged) for the purpose of maintaining youth, beauty, anti-oxidant effect will be eliminated. When properly taking vitamin E, it will act as a supportive agent for free radicals in the body, damaging the cell. Some studies have also shown that high doses of vitamin E may increase the risk of lung cancer. High doses of intravenous vitamin E can be fatal.

How to take vitamin E?

For women, taking vitamin E (synthetic tablets) every day after the age of 30 may be appropriate, but they should only take within 1 to 2 months, then take a resr some time to reconstitute. Vitamin E supplements should only be applied to those with dry skin, low diet in vitamin E. Especially for people with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, liver disease, kidney, cancer, allergies, chronic inflammation and autoimmune…need to take vitamin E daily, but each day is not more than 400 UI (international unit), should only be used by date in one to two months, take a rest for some time, then to use again. For normal healthy people, the best way to use vitamin E is from food.

Should vitamin E be applied directly to the skin?

Applying vitamin E to the skin prevents the harmful effects of UV rays in the sun. However, applying vitamin E to the skin is only applicable to people with dry skin, aging skin. For oily skin, applying vitamin E to the face can cause acne.

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