Side Effects And Dangerous Complications Of Emergency Birth Control Pills

Taking emergency birth control pills is no longer a strange thing for women today. It is worth mentioning that the emergency contraceptive pills are used by young people to solve problems in the immediate future without thinking about the consequences of adverse effects and dangerous complications of this drug.

What are emergency birth control pills?

Type of tablet used in emergency birth control pills is a drug containing high-dose progestin, which prevents or slows ovulation, prevents the nesting of eggs, alters the endometrium and has the ability to prevent conception.

Emergency Birth Control Pills side effects

The effect of the drug also makes the cervical mucus thicken to prevent the sperm from entering the uterus or hindering the path of the sperm or egg in the fallopian tubes of the uterus.

The drug is indicated for the time when having unprotected sex or using a condom, but the condom is punctured or torn.

Another case should be used when using oral contraceptive pill that forget to drink for 2 days or more or are using contraceptive injection that time is delayed prescribed period. In addition, emergency birth control pills are also used when forced sex.

Emergency birth control pills should be taken as soon as possible, preferably within 72 hours (3 days) after having unprotected sex.

On the fifth day after having sex can still use emergency birth control pills, but the principle that if the sooner you take, the higher the effect of this drug will be.

Although emergency birth control pills act as a normal contraceptive pill (dose 4 times higher), but you should not use emergency birth control pills as regular daily contraception but only for emergency use.

As prescribed, emergency birth control pills are for healthy people only and cannot be used more than 2 times a month. The abuse of this drug will have side effects and dangerous complications, long-term effects on fertility.

Side effects of emergency birth control pills

Use of emergency birth control pills sometimes occur side effects such as nausea, vomiting; In some cases, headaches, dizziness, abdominal pain, fatigue, breast tenderness, etc…These side effects may resolve on their own in a few days without interruption.

In addition, when using emergency birth control pills can also cause abnormal bleeding, menstrual bleeding until the next menstrual cycle and menstruation may be early or slow (menstrual disorder).

The use of emergency birth control pills for a long time has a great impact on the sex life. Emotional distress, lack of enthusiasm, lack of sexual desire…are common manifestations of drug abuse.

Complications when taking emergency birth control pills

Emergency birth control pills are endocrine drugs, the group must be careful when used. Taking emergency birth control pills in the long term will slow down the development and ovulation, when the drug is discontinued, the ovaries need a relatively long period of time to recover.

Overdose also causes uterine lysis of the uterus, which does not lead to infertility.

In addition, women have the habit of taking emergency birth control pills easily cause diseases of liver, kidney, cardiovascular, breast cancer, reproductive organs cancer. Therefore, women with cardiovascular disease, the risk of cancer are absolutely not use emergency birth control pills.

Low effectiveness of drug abuse

The actual effect of the drug is only 85%, if used as many times, the effect in the next time will decrease. Specifically, if used for the third time in the same cycle, the effect may be only 65% ​​and the ability to conceive is up to nearly 40%. In case of using emergency birth control pills, if the menstrual period does not appear within 4 weeks, they may already be pregnant, so they must go to the medical facility for support.

Another reason for the decrease in effectiveness of the drug is that it is too late after sexual intercourse or vomiting without taking this drug again, concomitant use of certain antibiotics or sleeping pills.

Advices for drug users

Emergency birth control pills are a double-edged sword, especially the hormonal medications such as birth control pills, the effect of drugs on the whole body is very large, the use of these drugs must be very careful.

Use as directed, avoid abuse. If taking this drug due to force majeure should read the instructions carefully, take it as soon as possible after having sex, taking enough doses and the right time.

It is best to seek medical advice to see if you are allowed to use emergency birth control pills or not. When taking medications, see side effects, stop the medication immediately and see a doctor for advice.

For contraception, you can use condoms, intrauterine contraceptives, daily birth control pills, based on menstrual cycle…

Depending on the needs and the condition of each person, you can choose a suitable method of contraception, should not depend on birth control pills.

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