Should You Let Your Baby Cry?

There are many parents who believe that if “letting their baby cry”, the child will self-refrain, this is also the way so that  a child can give up the habit of whining or pleading, but recently there have been cases of purple and unconscious state because of crying for too long.

Nearly lost child because of “letting your baby cry”

Recently, on a social network, a father has shared the case of a child crying to the level of cyanosis, convulsions, he must go to hospital. According to his father, when he was cooking in the kitchen, his son ran to tell him that he was teased by his sister. This father was quite busy, and also he wanted to teach his children in the way “to let his baby cry”, so he ignored. His baby was still crying loudly and just a few minutes after the phenomenon of convulsions, his face gradually turned purple state. The family rushed to take his baby to the hospital.

Just like the above father, many parents now have a point of raising children whenever they cry is to ignore them, not appeasing. Most people think that the more coax the child is, the more naughty the child is. Practicing for a while, children will get used to this and they will cry no longer. Even more mothers lull to sleep for their newborn baby by leaving their baby to cry, then they will sleep on your own. They see it as a way of teaching their children to become independent children, as well as the way to get rid of the habit of whining or pleading.

letting baby cry

The causes making the baby cry?

Babies cry often to tell that they have pain, itchiness, discomfort, fear, sadness or illness, or hunger, thirst, or cold… those are good reasons. There are children crying because of the habit of whining or pleading… the “way” is widely shared by many people, guiding the response is to ignore, show no interest in the child resolutely. As a result, some children are so sensitive, that crying can lead to cyanosis, convulsions or bad reactions. Then, parents will be victims of their own measures.

Parents do not confuse the teaching of self-made and abandoning the baby to cry completely. Early education is not to ignore the needs of children. This does not help the child develop self-sufficient virtue. Neglecting the baby’s crying over a long period of time can also affect the child’s psyche.

A recent study by neuroscientists also found that children who cry for a few hours a day will increase stress hormones such as cortisol, which is a very harmful hormone to the brain of a child.

What to do when children are with whining or pleading?

Psychologist said that leaving the baby to cry due to unreasonable demands that mother does not meet, pampering is true but not enough. That is just step 2 in a series of steps to apply. The steps to solve when children are with whining or pleading as follows:

Step 1: When the child begins to be with whining or pleading, back out

Step 2: Leave a short break

Step 3: Deviate to engage your child in other activities that interest the child

Step 4: Gentle action, pat back, give water to children “lowered”. Do not just leave it in the hope that the child is tired of it.

In contrast, do not dismiss immediately, unless you know for sure that the child crying for reasons such as discomfort due to illness, fear … If children tripping because of playing… parents should not panic, run to hug rubbing. This act will be the cause of the tears, even crying immediately and always, because the child found that has attracted the attention of her mother.

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