Should You Drinking While Eating?

It is said that you should not both eat and drink at the same time because it will dilute gastric acid in the stomach. Others believe that this habit will cause weight gain. Others claim that this will interfere with digestion. Is water really harmful to us?

What happens when food and water come into the stomach?

Digestion will begin officially when we think about food: saliva is secreted in the mouth.

When the food is chewed, the food will be mixed with saliva, which is rich in digestive enzymes. The food will be softened, then enter to the stomach and continue to be digested by gastric acid in the stomach.

On average, the stomach needs 4 hours to digest food before turning it into a chyle. This chyle will go into the small intestine and all nutrients in this fluid will be absorbed into the body.

Water does not stay in the stomach for a long time. Every 10 minutes, the stomach will “digest” about 300ml of water. So, if you drink while eating, water will not stay long in the stomach. It goes through the food very fast, wet food and leave the stomach quickly.

drinking while eating

You should not drink water while eating

Water does not reduce the acidity of the astric acid in the stomach

Our bodies are a complex but well regulated system. If the stomach feels it can not digest something, it will produce more enzymes and increase the acidity of the gastric juice.

Even if you drink more than 2 liters of water at one time, the acid in your stomach will be not affected.

In fact, there are a lot of water in the food. For example, an orange has 86% of water.

Studies show that some foods can reduce stomach acid, but it will also recover very quickly.

Water does not affect the speed of digestion

No studies have shown that water will push the solid foods down the intestine when it is not fully digested.

Scientists say that liquid levels will leave the body faster than solid foods, but this does not affect the speed of digestion.

So can we drink while eating?

It is harmless if you drink while eating. Moreover, water also softens solid foods.

However, you should not drink before swallowing food because saliva contains the necessary enzymes to digest food.

Drinking alcohol is also good for people who are eager to eat less.

Drinking tea in the meal is harmless because the study shows that no difference in stomach acid after drinking tea or water.

The temperature of drinking water does not affect the rate of digestion or absorption of nutrients. Stomach can heat or cool food at the required temperature, but it is best to drink warm water.

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