Should Pregnant Women Eat Goose Eggs?

People must have heard that pregnant women should eat goose eggs. However, in fact, the pregnant woman should eat goose eggs or not, goose eggs have any benefits or harms to pregnant? It is not clear.

According to folk experience, if you want to have smart children, the pregnant mothers should eat more goose eggs. So, do goose eggs really help their children be more intelligent? Let’s explore this article!

pregnant women eat goose eggs

Pregnant women should eat goose eggs during pregnancy?

Considering the nutritional composition, goose eggs are more protein than chicken eggs, about 13.5%. However, taking into account other nutrients, goose eggs are “low” compared to chicken eggs, especially vitamin A.

Specifically, vitamin A content in goose eggs is only about half compared to chicken eggs. In goose eggs, cholesterol and lipid levels are higher than chicken eggs, but these are not healthy to maternal health.

Considering the nutrient composition, in fact, goose eggs are not as good as many moms think. Even compared to chicken eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs are less nutritious and difficult to eat.

In addition, there is no scientific study to prove the benefits of goose eggs for the development of fetal intelligence in the womb.

Nutrition experts also recommend that if your children want to be smart, besides the pregnant women eat goose eggs, pregnant women should enhance the supplement foods rich in DHA, choline, folic acid, fatty acids…

Instead of considering goose eggs as the “herbal” to help your baby be smart, mothers should only consider it as one of the sources of protein in pregnancy. However, rather than eating goose eggs, chicken eggs are still more recommended.

goose egg

How often should the pregnant mothers eat goose eggs?

Pregnant women should only eat goose eggs twice a week because goose eggs also have cholesterol, are more expensive and indigestible.

Because the nutrients are not outstanding, pregnant moms do not have to try to eat goose eggs according to folk notions. With goose eggs, when eating, mothers should cook it completely to use.

Which month do pregnant women eat goose eggs?

Goose eggs are benign. Therefore, pregnant women eat goose eggs at any time during pregnancy without having to wonder about their impacts on the health of the mother or the development of the baby.

How to process goose eggs for pregnant women

During pregnancy, pregnant women should “eat cooked foods, drink boiled water”. It means that if pregnant women has a preference for eating runny eggs, they should stop this.

Because the bacteria which are not dead can “revive” and enter the body, harming the fetus. So, how to eat goose eggs during pregnancy is standard, it is equally important whether pregnant women should eat goose eggs or not.

How to boil goose eggs for pregnant women

  • Wash eggs before boiling.
  • Gently place the eggs in the pot.
  • Pour cold water into the pot, pour it from the top of the egg. Put the pot on the stove and boil.
  • When boiling water, add some salts (help eggs shed easily when cooked and sterilize eggs), cool down and cover.
  • Boil for about 13 minutes.
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