Should Pregnant Women Cut Their Hair?

Pregnant women should cut their hair before giving birth? Obviously, the hair is yours,  you want to cut or style, this is personal preference.

Pregnant women only avoid the types of toxic hair dye in the first 3 months of pregnancy. Cosmetics contact directly to the scalp is not good for pregnant women.

Haircut, beauty-making is not absolutely taboo for pregnant women. Simply, because if you are pregnant, more beautiful you have to be. In addition, when you make pregnant, your hair loses a lot, so many pregnant women do not feel happy with their hair.

Should pregnant women cut their hair?

Whether the hair of pregnant women should be cut or not is derived from the old concept. It is said that pregnant women should not cut their hair because it would make the baby’s life expectancy shorter. Why?

Simply because of the spiritual concept, “hair and tooth are human’s root”. A long hair is the beauty and quality of a woman. Healthy hair is a sign of good health. The longer the hair is, the stronger it stands for the person’s great vitality. Pregnant women is not supported to cut their hair because of the fear of having problems or getting sick.

shoult pregnant women cut their hair

With modern pregnant women, this old concept is really “ignored”. Because there is no scientific evidence that cutting hair affects the fetus.

However, doctors also give advices after the first 3 months of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can make beautiful hairstyles if pregnancy health is completely stable. If you want to be sure the hair stylist still recommends the pregnant mothers should consult the doctor before making “new clothes” for the hair.

There are currently many natural-based dyes, plant extracts that are used instead of chemical dyes. For example, dyes derived from henna plants with many different colors.

Should pregnant women in last months of pregnancy cut their hair?

At the end of pregnancy, the pregnant mothers arrange more works and take more rest. It is also a good time to trim your hair before giving birth. Cutting, shampooing, drying, massage gently are to help them reduce stress and clean the body before giving birth.

In short, pregnant women should cut their hair or not, this is the decision of the pregnant mothers, not related to any taboos.

Should mothers cut their hair after giving birth?

Even after your baby is born and you are back home, do not rush to get your body back. At this time, the shampoo after giving birth can give you another surprise: hair loss, dandruff, baldness…

Even if you are a victim of these hair disorders, you should be calm because this is normal because after giving birth, estrogen level in your body from sudden surges are returning to normal.

Hair loss after giving birth is closely related to the “telogen” resting period due to estrogen level during pregnancy. After giving birth, high estrogen level in the body causes temporary hair loss that you may experience in the next four months. According to the American Association for Pregnancy, hair loss will be replaced within 6-12 months. You can choose to cut your hair if you like.

Finally, before you have to suffer with haircut you used to love, then think about the joy of trying a new hairstyle.

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