Should Diabetics Eat Watermelon?

Basically, watermelon is rich in nutrients and contains plenty of water. But if you have diabetes, it is better to stay away from this type of fruit.

Why should not diabetic people eat watermelon?

One cup of watermelon juice contains about 14g of carbohydrates. If you have diabetes, you should be careful when absorbing carb. So, if you eat watermelon, you may need to reduce the carb in the next meal to maintain the stability of blood sugar. To maintain blood glucose levels in control, you need to eat 40-60g of carbohydrate per day. Less or more absorption affects the stability of blood sugar.

The glycemic index of watermelon is 72, which can affect your blood glucose levels. It can be digested quickly so it can cause fluctuations in blood glucose levels.

should diabetics eat watermelon

If you want to eat watermelon, eat it along with foods with low glycemic index to maintain glycemic stability.

You can eat watermelon after planning a meal plan carefully based on caloric and carbohydrate content in other foods.

A cup of watermelon juice contains nearly 12g of sugar, 55 calories and 14g of carbohydrates. You can eat watermelon and other foods with low glycemic index. For example, oatmeal is a good choice. It will help to maintain a stable blood glucose level.

If watermelon is your favorite fruit, there are ways to eat it.

How to eat watermelon for diabetics

Eat watermelon directly, not in the form of watermelon juice

It is because diabetics need more fiber. Eating watermelon directly will help sugar absorbed slowly into the blood, avoiding blood glucose surge.

Do not eat watermelon immediately after meals

Diabetics should eat watermelon at the snack time. After a meal about 1-2 hours to avoid sudden rise in blood glucose.

Eat no more than 500grams / day and divide in 2-3 times

diabetics should not eat more than 500grams watermelon per day

Each time, the diabetics should only eat 1 slice of watermelon about 200 grams.

If the watermelon is stored in the refrigerator, only to cool about 8-10oC

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