Shortness Of Breath During Pregnancy Is Dangerous?

During pregnancy, the body of a women will change a lot compared to their normal status as: nausea, appetite, chest tightness…Especially, the signal of trouble breathing can make many pregnant women worried.

Causes of shortness of breath during pregnancy

There are many reasons for pregnant women to have trouble breathing during pregnancy. Sometimes simple things like tight clothing or trying to fight off sleepiness can also make pregnant women feel uncomfortable breathing. However, usually during pregnancy, the mothers need more oxygen and rapid breathing is one of the ways to get oxygen into the body. Increased progesterone hormone will directly affect the lungs, stimulating the respiratory center of the brain. As a result, breathing becomes more difficult and faster. This is similar when a person after hard labor or running with exertion.

Pregnant women with shortness of breath often occur in the fourth month onwards, especially at the end of the pregnancy, when the fetus develops, putting pressure on the diaphragm (muscle located below the lung), so the mothers can feel the difficult and short breaths such as being in labor, especially when carrying twins or multiple pregnancies.

shortness of breath during pregnancy

Shortness of breath during pregnancy treatment

If the original cause is that the clothes are tight, you feel sleepy, unpleasant smell, the mother needs to change the habit of tight wearing, it is not suitable for pregnant women. However, if they are different causes, the women should immediately rest immediately, sitting to keep the back straight so that the lungs can a space to receive oxygen or standing in place should also keep the back straight. Curling will make you breathless.

If you are sleeping, you may have difficulty breathing, pregnant women may have several small pillows in the upper body to prevent pressure from the fetus on the lungs.

When to see a doctor?

In general, difficulty breathing and rapid breath during pregnancy is not harmful to both the mother and the baby. At that time, the mother should have reasonable working conditions, need to rest, travel lightly, avoid heavy labor, overwork. Shortness of breath accompanied by other symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, dizziness, etc… may warn the risk of low blood pressure in pregnant women. Or for people with a history of diseases such as asthma, hypertension… can be life-threatening.

Pregnant women may experience prolonged breathing difficulties, accompanied by symptoms such as severe asthma, rapid or prolonged breathing, chest pain, or a feeling of pain in other parts of the body when breathing, continuous cough, fever, chills, especially pregnant women with chronic disease…should visit the medical facilities for examination and consultation.

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