Seven Simple Ways To Improve Memory Loss

Sleeping more, learning new skills and maintaining social activities can help improving memory efficiency.

Getting enough sleep

Good sleep helps you to consolidate episodic memory – episodes related to time and place. Studies conducted by scientists also found that REM sleep plays an important role in reinforcing memories related to learning motor skills such as learning to play instruments or riding a bicycle.


Stress affects memory in a variety of ways depending on when you experience stress. Release of cortisol hormones when you are stressful disrupts the process of memory formation. To reduce the risk of memory loss, you should try to relax, yoga or meditation practice…this can help you improve stress effectively.

Positive learning

In a study conducted by American researchers in 2013, older people spend 15 hours per week for 3 months to learn complex skills such as digital imaging that can improve memory.

Positive thinking

Positive thinking can help boosting memorization capability. According to researchers at Harvard University (USA),People aged 60 and older show better in memory tests when they hear age-related positive words like “smart”, “shrewd”, “erudite”… while people who hear words like” Alzheimer”, “forget”, “confused” have the opposite effect.

Taking a rest

Memory can be impaired if the brain does not have enough time to rest. German scientists have shown that people who have to do memory tests have the ability to double the memory if they are rested.

Maintaining social relationships

Maintaining social relationships will help slowing down memory decline as we get older. US scientists require a group of 50 to 60 year olds to do some memory tests each year from 1998 and 2004. The results show that people who regularly interact with friends and have more social relationships are less likely to have memory loss than people who do not interact with the society. Therefore, exchanging friends, volunteering, or other social activities will help protecting your memory.

Healthy eating

What we eat every day can affect cognitive function. A study conducted by researchers in 2016 suggests that the Mediterranean diet can help slowing memory decline. People who take this diet are at low risk for Alzheimer. So, to improve your memory, you should eat a lot of vegetables, cut off red meat and milk, use olive oil as the main source of fat in the meal.

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