9 Serious Effects Of Sugar A Few People Know

Sugar is the material that people around the world use every day. However, a few people know these harms when consuming a lot of sugar.

Why can such a sweet thing be harmful to your health? and why should other foods be chosen instead of giving favor to the sugar? That’s because sugar not only causes obesity but also reduces immunity, stresses and accelerates the aging process.

Sugar causes hyperglycemia, weakness and fatigue

Unstable blood sugar will lead to fatigue, headaches and craving for more sugar. That craving prepares for a cycle of addiction that every time you add sugar, your body will feel better temporarily. But just a few hours later, you feel craving for sugar and hunger.

Sugar increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease

Large-scale studies have shown that the more foods that are high in glycemic content (rapid impact on blood sugar), including foods containing sugar, are associated with obesity, Diabetes, heart disease will be higher and may be related to many types of cancer.

serious effects of sugar

Eating too much sugar can cause serious effect

Sugar interferes with the body’s immune function

Studies on animal have shown that sugar affects the body’s resistance badly.

Eating a lot of sugar causes a lack of chromium

If you eat too much sugar and refined carbohydrate-rich foods, your body is more likely to be lacking in chromium minerals (one of its main functions is to help to regulate blood sugar). Chromium is abundant in meats, seafood and plant foods. Refined starches and other high-carbohydrate foods have robbed the source of chromium in these foods.

Sugar accelerates the aging process

A portion of the sugar you absorb after entering the blood also becomes a protein. These new molecules contribute to the loss of elasticity of aging tissues, from the skin to organs and arteries. The more sugar is circulated in the blood, the faster the aging process is.

Sugar causes tooth decay

With all the dangerous effects of sugar, we sometimes forget the most important harm it causes. When sugar sticks to teeth, its ability to cause tooth decay is higher than all other foods.

Sugar can cause gum disease, which can lead to heart disease

Repeated infections such as gum infection are one of the factors that promote the development of coronary artery disease.

Sugar prevents absorption of important nutrients

In people who eat a lot of sugar, the ability to absorb essential nutrients is very low, especially vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron. Ironically, people who absorb the most sugar are children and adolescents who need the most nutrients.

Sugar causes stress

High blood sugar levels can lead to stimulation of hormones that cause irritability. So it’s best to learn how to control those sweet foods first.

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