I Whitened My Entire Body Skin With Rice Bran And Fresh Milk

If you know how to combine ingredients together, you will successfully whiten your skin thanks to rice bran.

Skin whitening with rice bran is no strange to women, but not many people know how to combine it with ingredients to achieve high effectiveness. Surfing the Internet, I saw many girls complaining that rice bran only makes the skin smooth, not make the skin white. Here is the formula to whiten the entire body skin thanks to rice bran and fresh milk, hoping this to help you.

rice bran for skin whitening


  • Rice bran
  • Lemon
  • Fresh milk without sugar (milk with sugar is not good for skin)
  • Honey

How to do

Take a bath with this mixture for the entire body

Women often exfoliate the body 1-2 times a week with salt. As for myself, I don’t exfoliate much, I squeeze a half of lemon into the basin, release the shells and squeeze (to release the essential oil) and clean.

Next, I mix rice bran with 1 pack of fresh milk into a paste, then rub it all over the body, massage and gently pat to penetrate into the skin. At that time, I often carry a comic book into the bathroom to read temporarily while waiting (about 15 minutes).

People do not bathe with this mixture too much because the skin will be thin, then the skin will be weak, so it will catch the sun very quickly. I only apply this once a week, but the skin is very white and smooth.

rice bran for skin whitening

Many people complained that they use rice bran regularly, but their skin is not white. It is because you do not add fresh milk with oranges and lemons. Because the main effect of rice bran in this formula is to exfoliate and create consistency for the milk to stick to the skin (before I did not know about rice bran, just pour the milk and slip on the skin and bathing in milk still makes my skin white, it means that milk has a whitening effect).

This is a natural beauty tip, so don’t expect to get results immediately. Normally, after 5 times (5 weeks), you see your skin is light and smooth. After bathing, you should use body lotion to increase moisture and make your skin smooth.


Whiten the facial skin

You can put the rice bran into a clean cloth and tie it into the hot water, wait until it gently squeezes out the white water, then wash the face, keep this solution on the face for about 15 minutes, then wash again.

Sometimes I wash my face with rice bran because I’m lazy. You should be gentle when washing your face because the skin is very thin and easily allergic.

I bought the rice bran in my hometown, it is very smooth, yellow, spongy, light fragrant and feel it to cling to each other. But if you it for your face directly, it is impossible because the face is easily scratched.

You should use natural rice bran at home, rice bran at the spa or facility is often mixed with other substances, even bleaching chemicals that we do not control.


You should choose rice bran used for beauty, should not be confused with rice bran as food for cattle.

In the first 1-2 times you apply this method, you can squeeze more lemon or orange to bathe, but in the long run, you do not abuse them because the skin will be much thinner.

Add a few drops of honey to the bath mixture for your body if your skin is dry, this formula is extremely moisturizing in the dry winter.

For the face, you absolutely do not directly use rice bran because it is very susceptible to allergies, only take the rice bran water to clean the face.

The skin will be easier to sunburn after applying, so be sure to cover it every time you go out and don’t forget to use sunscreen daily.

Wish you always look beautiful with skin whitening method with rice bran and fresh milk!

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