How To Remove The Smell Of Garlic Sticking On Hand Quickly

Garlic is often used when cooking, and leaves a smell on your hands for a long time. How to clean the smell of onion and garlic on your hands? Refer immediately to the ways below.

Garlic is an indispensable ingredient in cooking, making the dish more delicious. In addition, garlic is also used to soak alcohol, applied in beauty… However, the smell of garlic is very unpleasant and it is difficult to remove, below are some tips to help to remove the smell of garlic on hand quickly.

garlic on hand

Remove the smell of garlic on hands with stainless steel spoon

It sounds strange, but very effective. In theory, steel will react with the sulfur in garlic, causing the garlic smell to be knocked off by the stainless steel spoon.

After peeling garlic or processing garlic, your hands have an unpleasant smell, just use 1 stainless steel spoon, rub it into the palm of your hands and fingers under cold water, you can add a little soap if you want to clean more. Perform this operation for 1 minute, the smell of garlic on your hands will be completely disappear.

Deodorize garlic on hands with salt or sugar

In general, salt will be more effective than sugar in its ability to deodorize, but if your hands have scratches, the salt will make your skin painful, which can be replaced by sugar.

How to do:

– Add 1 tablespoon of salt to the palm of your hands, add a little water to moisten and dissolve the salt.

– Rub this salt on your hands, through your fingers for about 1 minute to remove the garlic smell.

– You can mix salt and baking soda into a pasty mixture to wash it in the same way, this mixture works very well in deodorizing and even exfoliating skin.

– You should moisturize the skin with a little fresh milk after deodorizing with salt, the skin will be softer.

If there is an open wound on your hand, the salt should be replaced by sugar and apply the same way.

Remove the garlic odor on your hands with lemon juice

Squeeze a little lemon juice into the cup, rinse the hands that are smelling the garlic in the lemon juice and leave it in for 3-5 minutes before rinsing. Lemon juice will remove odors very well, and whiten your hands.

If orange is available, you can also cut a few slices of fresh orange and rub it on your hands, which will also effectively deodorize garlic.

Because lemons are acidic, it can irritate the skin when there is an open wound, so consider if your hands are scratched.

Remove the smell of garlic on your hands with tomato juice

If you want to remove garlic odor on hands, but your hands are suffering from a few minor scratches and if you use salt or lemon, both of them will cause burning pain, so you can use tomato juice to replace.

Just like using lemon, you put your hands in tomato juice, hold for about 5 minutes, the garlic smell not only disappears but the skin is also softer thanks to the nutrients available in the juice.

Remove the garlic odor on your hands with toothpaste

Apply a thin layer of toothpaste on the surface of the hand skin, rub your hands together, rinse with cold water.

Toothpaste not only helps to deodorize but also brings cool aromatic scent to the hands.

Hopefully, with these tips, you can remove the smell of garlic and onion from your hands after cooking without harming your skin. Save it right away to apply it every time you cook.

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